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Where to Find Yarn Shops in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Many people make their own designs of sweaters, scarves, dresses, gloves or hats, with different techniques of knitting or crocheting. It has become a much sought after hobby, not only for the usefulness of the products that are made, but also for the savings, working with your own hands and for the relaxing effects, that many people have during knitting. But in order to be able to knit, we have to get our hands on beautiful, raw material, that we will need to make our creations: the yarn or wool. Today, ShMadrid will tell you in this article where you can find yarn shops in the capital of Spain.

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A relaxing hobby: knitting in Madrid

Photo via Pixabay

Knitting and crocheting has become a very popular hobby, and not only for retired women, who are looking for a hobby to fill their days. Many millennials have become staunch supporters of these techniques, to make textile products for their home or to sell at local markets during festivities. The “lanoterapia“, or therapeutic knitting, as it is called now, is causing furor in a time in which the things done by hand have a special value by everything what they represent: ecology, creativity, return to origin, clothing without artificial ingredients, which are better for the skin… And also “lanoterapia” is beneficial for other reasons, such as exercising the two cerebral hemispheres, which helps the coordination of the brain. On the other hand, it is relaxing. Having to focus on one task only, prevents the mind having recurrent thoughts about the past or the future, which creates anxiety. We must be present, in the here and now, which results in entering a state of calmness. It also helps to socialize and expand our circle of friends, since knitting is an activity that usually takes place in a group, while chatting relaxedly about the human and the divine. It can also be a hobby, that helps develop our manual skills, which is ideal to maintain agility in the hands, that helps us with many daily tasks.

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Photo via Pixabay

Last but not least, knitting and crocheting increases our self-esteem, when we are able to finish one of our creations. All of these creations are useful for our daily life and that of our loved ones, such as scarves, jackets, gloves, hats, dresses, sweaters, quilts, blankets, cushion covers and many more items, that our imagination wants to give shape. But for that, we need to know where we can buy the precious wool and yarn, the star product and raw material of our textile creations. You can take a look at Lanas Madrid yarn shop, where you will find balls of this fabric in all the colors you want. You can also find many types of wool at El Punto Madrid, or at Lanas Alondra, in the center of the capital.

Do you practice this hobby? Why would you recommend it?

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