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Practice Archery in Madrid

Written by Daniella

In Madrid you can practice many sports, and there is a wide and varied offer for every preference, age and level. One of them is target archery, an activity that at present is separated from the category of hunting and war activities. It has become a sport in which technique, good aim and keeping your cool is necessary. Many people are fond of this sport, so today ShMadrid will tell you more about where you can practice target archery in the capital.

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Discover the sport of target archery in the capital

Photo via Pixabay

Target archery is a sport in which participants shoot an arrow with a special bow to a strategic, visual point, called a target. This activity has sporting or recreational purposes, being one of the most interesting sports if what you like is to practice targetting your aim. There are several types of bows you can use to exercise the activity, among them are the following; longbow, short bow, recurve bow, composite bow, pulley bow or crossbow. High competition archery involves shooting arrows at a target, or targets placed at different points. A very popular form in many Western countries is field archery, where you shoot at targets on wooden elements placed at different locations in nature. Competition archery is a precision sport, that includes both mind and body control.

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Photo via Pixabay

You can find various associations and federations for this sport in Madrid, such as the Madrilenian Federation of Archery. In 1949 the Spanish Federation of Archery was founded and the locations of the Spanish championships switch between Barcelona and Madrid every year. The practice of shooting your bow can be done at the Madrid Archery Technification Center (CTTAM), a sports facility in the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park that includes archery, belonging to the Madrid Federation of Archery (FMTA). The facility is exemplary for its design and construction, which makes it one of the best archery centers in Europe and actually in the whole world. But there are more bows and arrows to shoot in the capital, like at the Royal Federation of Archery, the official Spanish federation that organizes professional competitions and leagues. In both federations you can register to train your skills in this sport, regardless of your age and knowledge. Lastly, you can also check out Yumping, a website with many activities, that offers different courses to start or improve your archery technique. It is also possible to choose multiple activities, in which archery is included, as well as group, work or individual activities. If you are truly interested in archery, you can select a wide variety of courses, from the more professional ones, to more recreational and playful activities.

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