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Why rent an apartment in the neighbourhood of Delicias, Madrid?

Renting a home in Madrid's neighbourhood of Delicias is a great idea if you want to live close to the city centre.

Delicias is one of the most interesting neighbourhoods in the Spanish capital, and it is part of the district of Arganzuela.

It is located right in the centre of the district, and it is encircled by Calle de Bustamante and Calle de Ferrocarril to the north, Calle Méndez Álvaro to the east, Calle de Bolívar, Calle del Bronce and Avenida del Planetario to the south and Calle de Embajadores and Calle de Delicias to the west.

This is a well-connected neighbourhood with lots of services, and it is ideal for anyone who wants to rent an apartment in the district of Arganzuela, at a more affordable price than in other central parts of the Spanish capital.

Discover the neighbourhood of Delicias with ShMadrid

The neighbourhood of Delicias has a strong industrial origin, and it is one of the most residential neighbourhoods in the district of Arganzuela. If you want to live in Arganzuela, it will be interesting to see what the neighbourhood of Delicias has to offer.

As already mentioned, the industrial history of this neighbourhood resulted in the fact that some of the most characteristic constructions were built in this part of the city.

The neighbourhood was one of the liveliest neighbourhoods in the city of Madrid during much of the twentieth century, and this was largely because of a large influx of workers and the neighbourhood’s railway stations, which eventually closed in the seventies.

Life in the neighbourhood changed, however, and many commercial activities and services that were mainly destined for travellers and factory workers moved out of the neighbourhood.

Hotels, bars and restaurants closed their doors and factories did the same, and on their land flats have now been built. This gives the area a residential atmosphere.

The neighbourhood of Delicias is now a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood with basic services, some commercial activities and a variety of semi-new apartments, of which constructions began between the 80s and 90s.

What to see in the neighbourhood of Delicias in Madrid

One of Madrid’s most characteristic stations in the first half of the 20th century, the old station of Delicias, now houses the Museo del Ferrocarril (the Railway Museum), and it consists of a large building structure of Spanish industrial architecture.

One section is dedicated to railway cars, parts related to the railway in general and railway evolution. You will be able to observe a great collection of locomotives and passenger cars at the museum, and besides that there they show how the railway system works on steam, electrical energy and diesel.

Another attraction in this neighbourhood is Parque de Tierno Galván, but also the IMAX theatre. If you love documentaries and films, then watching a film at an IMAX theatre will add an extra dimension. The sensation you will experience will make this type of theatre your new favourite, as images are much more real and incredibly lively.

There is also the Joaquín Leguina Regional Library, a building that houses many of Madrid's treasures, like the travel journals with records of those who were lucky enough to travel around Spain between the 17th and 19th century.

Classical works and editions of Don Quixote in different languages can also be viewed here, as well as maps and plans of Madrid and the rest of the Peninsula.

Other options for staying in the district of Arganzuela are:

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