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Aesthetic Surgery Clinics in Madrid

Written by Daniella

More and more people undergo cosmetic surgery in Spain. They do this in an effort to feel better about their bodies and to meet certain unwritten rules, that drive many to seek perfection. Given the proliferation of this type of demand, the consequence is the increase of clinics, that have specialized in this type of intervention. If you want to change your appearance, you have the right to look for affordable prices, that allow you to enjoy a new body within your means, but you must also be careful. When it comes to the delicacy of your health, quality always comes first. Therefore ShMadrid will tell you more about some of the best aesthetic clinics in the capital of Spain.

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Aesthetic surgery – health first

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Given the rise of aesthetic surgery in Spain, it is increasingly common to find aesthetic surgery clinics, that let their patients have different procedures to improve their face or body. One of the operations most in demand is breast augmentation, a complex operation that requires general anesthesia and hospitalization and that, like all surgical procedures, can have complications during the operation or during the recovery process. That is why it is important to carefully choose the place that you will go to for undergoing cosmetic surgery. If we look at the market prices on surgical procedures, such as breast augmentation, liposuction or face lift, which are mostly in demand by patients, we see that there are many differences between some centers and others. Always be aware that this is not accidental, since low cost clinics can offer prostheses of lower quality for breast augmentation for example, than clinics with higher prices. It is also possible that the surgeons of these clinics have less experience than those of more expensive clinics, something that, taking into account that we are talking about a surgical procedure, is important for anyone who has an operation. It is true that many people are satisfied with the results of their surgery in low cost clinics, but the problem may arise later, when complications may occur.

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For all these reasons, the team of ShMadrid would like to provide you with several names of prestigious clinics in the capital of Spain. The first clinic is the University Hospital Quirón Salud, which specializes in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. With an exceptional medical chart, at this center you will be able to undergo procedures such as breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, lifting, blepharoplasty (eye lid corrections) or jowl surgery. Another interesting clinic is Clínica Menorca, a center for surgery and aesthetic medicine that offers facial surgery, body surgery and intimate surgery. Finally, we can advise the clinic of Dr. César Casado, with his center for plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery.

What cosmetic surgery clinic in Madrid would you recommend?

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