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Alternative Therapy in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

Alternative therapies are hip and trendy in Spanish society nowadays. Many people opt for this kind of treatment to improve their health, as they believe it is safer and has less side effects than traditional medicine or regular treatments.

It is true that there is some controversy regarding alternative therapy, especially when it comes to serious diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you more about a few interesting alternative therapy centres in the Spanish capital. As always: be responsible and use your common sense!

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Natural therapy centres in Madrid

Centro Lua

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Centro Lua opened its doors for the first time in 2012. It is extremely passionate about making people feel better and good about themselves.

The centre has added new therapies along the way and hired the right professionals. The team does exactly what helps your personal growth and designs a personalized plan for each and every single client.

Centro Lua focuses on being an energy centre for the conscious mind, and this is their main tool for physical, mental and spiritual work. The team uses ancient wisdom and knowledge, that has been passed on one generation to another. They also apply innovative therapies.


Natural therapies have been part of society for a very long time, and they can be used for many different problems in society. Cofenat, the Association of Professionals and Self-Employed for Natural Therapies, is working every day to get recognition for its role.

Cofenat represents and defends the interests of all professionals working in the field of natural therapies, and there are many activities and therapies you can participate in.

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Centro Vitam

Centro Vitam is a centre that offers alternative therapy courses and activities in Madrid. The best teachers and specialists in natural medicine, the most innovative techniques and extensive training have resulted in Centro Vitam being a benchmark for alternative therapy courses in the heart of Madrid.

Its teachers are well-trained and accredited at the best international schools, and the team is vastly experienced in teaching natural therapies, both in theory and in practice.

You can choose from natural therapy treatments and massages, and these are performed by highly qualified experts. There is such a wide range of relaxing and therapeutic therapies and massages, it will be hard to pick one. If you need any help with that, they will give you advice  on suitable treatments for you. They really stand out for offering personal service.


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Madrid’s Ranvvai Foot Reflexology has two very clear objectives in mind: training authentic foot reflexology specialists, and treating people who have physical, psychological, emotional or energetic problems.

When it comes to the education of authentic specialists in Integral Foot Reflexology, their training emphasizes on being both Trainer and Transformer because of its holistic approach.

A specialist from this training centre will be highly qualified, as training is based on the therapeutic and didactic experience of Isabel Pérez Broncano. Ever since 1989, she has been the driving force behind Ranvvai’s Method of Integral Foot Reflexology.

As Ranvvai believes the best treatment of all is a combination of reflexology and other natural therapies, the team will give expert advice to anyone in need of treatment for physical, psychological, emotional or energetic problems.

Every team member works with heart and soul on the integral treatment of every one of the centre’s patients. This is where you are taken well care of if you feel pain, sorrow, fear, frustration or other troubles.

Do you know other natural therapy centres in Madrid?

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