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The Best Bread in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Bread is one of the most consumed products in Spain, although bad press has caused a decrease in sales. News on the method of preparation and the nutritional benefits of this product has resulted in many people not consuming bread anymore, or substituting regular bread for bread made of flour alternatives, which is basically healthier. More and more bakeries are taking note of this new trend and offer more natural products, with higher quality ingredients and more complex preparation procedures. Today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you all about the best bread you can buy in the capital.

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Eating great bread in Madrid

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Flour and water are the basic ingredients for making a loaf of bread. Salt is an optional component, used to flavour and strengthen the dough, although there are varieties without salt for people sticking to a low or no salt diet. According to the type of bread, yeast can also be a compulsory ingredient. Cultures, traditions, and culinary characteristics of each region have led to different varieties, with respect to its basic ingredients; a loaf of bread is almost always of a certain form, it provides its own, unique character to a region or country, and it has become an essential aspect of the gastronomy of an area. Bread is one of the most important, nutritional elements for humans, and every culture has its own typical bread. According to experts, the most healthy types of bread, with more or better nutritional value, are oatmeal, rye and whole wheat. Rye bread, for example, is bread with the greatest nutritional value, although its flavour, which is very different from wheat to which Spaniards are accustomed to, is sometimes an obstacle when it comes to convincing consumers to try it. In spite of that, a traditional, well-made wheat bread is delicious every now and then, but remember that refined flours should only be consumed occasionally.

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Madrid has more and more bakeries with traditional methods of bread making, and excellent primary ingredients are being used. For this reason, it will not be difficult for you to find good quality bakeries with tasty bread. The first one we would like to recommend today is Levadura Madre, a chain store that you will find in almost every neighbourhood in the capital. This bakery serves good quality, everyday bread and it it is very attentive to its clients. Another ideal option for bread lovers is El Horno de Babette, which also runs several stores in the capital. They work with the best ingredients and according to outstanding preparation methods; by kneading a little bit aggressively, fermenting slowly, using sourdough, controlling the temperature and baking a hand-formed loaf of bread in a stone oven. Who could ever resist? Our last proposal is a bakery, that will surely delight even the most demanding bread fanatic. It’s called La Panotheca, and every bread is made with purely organic ingredients.

Is there another bakery in the capital that you can recommend?

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