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Best Argentinian restaurants in Madrid

Written by Carolina

In Madrid you will find restaurants of all kinds and cuisines: from world-famous fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and KFC to the finest haute cuisine establishments, from the most typical Spanish food (e.g. Museo del jamón) to food from far away countries (Arabian, Chinese, Brazilian…). A type of cuisine that is surprisingly common is that from Argentina: there are almost eighty Argentinian restaurants in the city and its surroundings. The main reason why this cuisine is popular in Spain might be that, just like the typical one in this country, a lot of its dishes are based on meat: entraña, chorizo criollo, vacío… MoreoverArgentinian food is quite similar to the Italian one (which is also very popular in Spain) in that it has some great pasta dishes such as ñoquis and sorrentinos. If you are a lover of Argentinian cuisine who lives in or is visiting Madrid, here are three restaurants that might become your favourites.

El Rancho (Paseo de los melancólicos, 77)

5610115284_8979400084_zThis is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner (a quiet restaurant with a fine minimalist decoration) unless your date is a vegetarian, for the vast majority of dishes in El Rancho‘s menu are made of meat. At this restaurant, carnivores will enjoy huge quality meals such as churrasco, asado de campo, milanesa (classic or Neapolitan style), bife, and tango argentino. The desserts are also delicious: they have common ones (pies, homemade ice-cream, and sorbet) plus some typically Argentinian ones such as panqueques.

Buenas y santas (Calle Bolívar, 9)

Welcome to the paradise for those who look for ecologic, home-made, Argentinian food. The establishment is not nearly as luxurious and big as El Rancho, Buenas y santas is smaller and in its menu we find simpler meals: it is an ideal restaurant for workdays. Although the Argentinian cuisine has predominantly meat dishes, Buenas y santas offers various vegetarian options: mushroom croquetas, vegetal empanadillas, pumpkin quiche, salads, vegetal wrap, and pumpkin raviolis. On its blog, you will find information on its timetable, its menu, and new meals they add to their offer.

Trenque Lauquen (Avenida Menéndez Pelayo, 41)

6301792376_4c7bb22523_zSpecialised in pizza and empanadas, Trenque Lauquen is a great restaurant to have lunch with friends. It is located in front of the beautiful park El Retiro and you can sit either inside or outside to enjoy the sun. The people that work at the bar (the waiters and waitresses and the manager) are really attentive and you will most likely find something that you like in their vast menu, which consists of six salads, six empanadas, and almost thirty pizzas! Moreover, you can choose to eat half a pizza or pick one of their special offers.

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