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Districts of Madrid

Madrid has something for everybody when it comes to the best neighborhoods

Written by damien

Moving to any city can be an exciting adventure are for a single person or for a family. Madrid is certainly no exception and there are some really nice neighborhoods spread out around the city as well as its suburbs.

If you are planning to come to live in Madrid in the near future, one of your biggest worries will be finding the right apartment to live and the neighborhood which suits your personal needs.

That’s why its a great idea to turn to one of the leading professionals in the real estate market in Madrid, ShMadrid. ShMadrid will take all the headaches and stress that apartment hunting can bring, and will cut down a lot of the time wasted by those arriving the city by giving first-class objective advice on the best property to suit your tastes, your needs and most importantly your budget.

By placing your trust in ShMadrid, you are joining the company have been around a long time now, and have her a solid reputation for helping newcomers to Madrid tofind an answer to their accommodation problems. Their reputation is founded on the fact that there is always a wide choice of apartments to choose from at ShMadrid, to suit every taste and budget.

The friendly and pleasant staff at ShMadrid will tell you which of the districts near the city center make suit you. Among the best know are Barrio de Salamanca and Retiro, always popular among expanse use as they are within walking distance of some excellent shopping as well as restaurants and parks.

For singles looking for some nightlife , the neighborhoods of Malasaña just to the west of Chueca, and Lavapies offer a lot in the choice of nightlife from pavement restaurants, bars and clubs that stay open late into the night.

In general families moving to Madrid are more interested in the nearby suburbs, with La Finca, a relatively new development situated in the northwest of the city, and La Moraleja proving to be very much in demand. La Moraleja tends to be that little bit more expensive, as it is more upmarket, and home to many of Spain’s politicians as well as some pretty famous figures from the field of sports and entertainment.

The advantage of both of these two suburbs as there is no need to own a car as they are both within easy distance of the city center.


Salamanca: the obvious choice for foreign families who want to live in a premium environment near the centre of Madrid – very quiet, great schools and services, small another neighborhood which has proved to be popular to both veterans and newcomers to Madrid is Chamberim also close to the city center. What might make Chamberim attractive to families is that it’s major square, Plaza Olavide, is closed every Sunday until after lunch and hosts a  variety of playgrounds and activities for kids.

These are just a few of the first class neighborhood you’ll find in Madrid and there is something to suit everybody, from the least to most expensive. Let ShMadrid show you the way.

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