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Brewery Tours In Madrid

Brewery Tour In Madrid
Written by Allison

Brewery Tour In MadridWhen it comes to beer most people often associate Spain with San Miguel or Mahou. Yet a brewery tour in Madrid will soon show you that the Spanish have learnt a thing or two. For those of you who are passionate about discovering new flavours, and enjoy drinking a glass or two of cold beer then you’ll love these tours. The tours arranged to meet in a central location before visiting some truly exceptional pubs and bars. As you make your way from one to the next you are offered the chance to try some of the best craft or artisan beers made in Madrid. It won’t be long before you begin to appreciate their unique tastes and their distinctive features. All the while you are going to be pairing them some delicious tapas.

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Tour your way through Madrid’s breweries

Each brewery tour in Madrid aims to take in at least 4 good artisan or craft beer places. Plus you have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of sightseeing as well. Plus strategic stops are made along the way to allow you to admire some of the best parts of Madrid. Luckily for you, more and more bars have decided to introduce their own beers. These are the kind that won’t only impress your taste buds but allow you to dive into a less corporate world. You may find sometimes on a brewery tour in Madrid that you may have to wait a little while before you get served.  This is because sometimes the bars you visit are only just opening up for the evening. But what may surprise you is that within 30 minutes of opening up these places really come alive. They offer you the perfect opportunity if you wish to immerse yourself in the local culture. Although a great many tours are available in English if you want the opportunity to practice your Spanish then opt for one where they only speak Spanish. You’ll find this especially useful if you intend to remain in Madrid for any length of time as it really helps to improve it.

Cervezas La Cibeles, a brewery located on Calle Petroleo, is one option you have for a brewery tour in Madrid. The tours of their factory last about an hour, and along with showing you around the factory, allows you to see the grains and how they are used. La Cibeles also offers activities such as tastings, concerts and beer elaboration courses where you can learn how to make your own beer. Another potential brewery tour in Madrid is offered by La Virgen, a state-of-the-art factory whose delicious beers are offered all throughout Madrid. However, for those that want to see behind the scenes, you can select a tour date at the La Virgen brewery through online tour calendarOur last suggestion, although it is not a tour of an actual factory, is an alternative that allows you to enjoy beer on the move, especially if you are not able to find a tour that fits your schedule. A beer bike tour of Madrid takes your throughout the city as you sip on delicious brews, creating a memorable beer tour experience.

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Brewery Tour In Madrid 2All the brewery tours arranged in Madrid will take in various parts of the manufacturing process, including the area where the beer finally gets bottled. They tend to like to show you the grain and hops they use in the creation of their beers. Plus, for anyone who doesn’t know how beer is made this will certainly open your eyes up to what is involved. But of course, what you are really going to like about any brewery tour in Madrid is the opportunity to taste the beers you just saw being made. We recommend that you take things easy and ensure you eat plenty as you take such tours in.

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Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain she home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Madrid has to offer.

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