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China Taste

chinese culinary dish
Written by Daniella

There will be a big event honouring Chinese gastronomy from January 17 to February 16, and it is called China Taste. The festival scored very well last year in Madrid, and this year’s edition will also consist of unforgettable events.

The Chinese embassy in the Spanish capital is part of the organization of China Taste, and 2020’s gastronomic event celebrates the Chinese New Year of the Rat (that took place on January 25). Are you interested in more details about the event? Then keep reading, because this article by ShMadrid shares information on China Taste.

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What is China Taste?

chinese spring rolls with 3 sauces

Photo via Pixabay

The 5th edition of China Taste is organized by the Chinese embassy, Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid. In order to celebrate the Year of the Rat in 2020, the best Chinese food will be presented.

Eleven restaurants – the best ones in the city – have been selected to participate in this gastronomic event. These eleven restaurants have made it to the top of the list, because of their authentic dishes, superb quality and customer friendliness.

Participating restaurants offer special menus to celebrate festivities, and these menus represent typical Chinese dishes and their culture. Without giving too much away on the delicious food itself, you should also know that the horoscope of the Rat stands for intelligence and wealth. The rat is, therefore, one of the most highly respected animals in China.

As already mentioned, haute cuisine restaurants will offer their Chinese dishes with special menus starting from January 17, and they will continue to do so until February 16. The objective is to let you discover Chinese food and to have you try some of its most typical foods at an affordable price.

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bowl of chinese noodles

Photo via Pixabay

Besides China Taste, the country will also be present at FITUR with its China booth, and FITUR takes place from January 22-26. Chefs of participating restaurants will give several demonstrations and let you taste their dishes. So how about trying some authentic Chinese food? This is your chance to do so at an unbeatable price!

Part of China Taste’s contributions will go to the A LA PAR Foundation. This means that for every menu or dish you will order and enjoy, a contribution will be made to various organisations that promote social and labour projects for people with intellectual disabilities. One example of where your contributions end up is the La Huerta de Montecarmelo project, and through this project, several hundred urban gardens are being maintained.

In addition to China Taste, there will be other festivities, because the neighbourhood of Usera is planning a traditional celebration with beautiful floating lanterns, as well as workshops, concerts, sports events, exhibitions, storytelling, guided tours and a wonderful parade with music and Chinese dragons.

You will pay between 21.90 and 40 euros for a menu, and each menu will consist of a starter, first and second course, and dessert. Chinese restaurants participating in this year’s China Taste event are:

  • Asia Té (Calle de Agustin de Foxa, 27) Price: 28 euros
  • Casa Lafu (Calle Flor Baja, 1) Price: 36 euros
  • China Té (Calle de Santa Hortensia, 60) Price: 25 euros
  • El Bund (Calle de Arturo Baldasano 22-24) Price: 40 euros
  • Kung Fu (Calle de la Luna, 12) Price: 25 euros
  • KZEN (Calle de O’Donnell, 31) Price: 25 euros
  • Sabor Sichuan Hot Pot (Calle Ventura Rodríguez, 5) Price: 25 euros
  • Sion (Calle San Benito, 3) Price: 23,95 euros
  • Tasty Bowl (Paseo de las Delicias, 92) Price: 21,90 euros
  • Wudu Hot Pot (Calle de Martín de los Heros, 4) Price: 25 euros
  • Xianz Zi Li (Calle de los Libreros, 18) Price: 25 euros

What do you think of the China Taste event? Will you be going this year?

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