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Coffee and pastries – a major part of Madrid culture

Written by damien
Photo by pdobeson via Visualhunt

Photo by pdobeson via Visualhunt

Spain’s culture is one of the most cosmopolitan in Europe, and that international flavor is felt nowhere stronger than in its capital city, Madrid. Every part of the day means something special in Madrid, with coffee time, usually served mid morning or late afternoon is when Madrileños sit down with friends either at home or in one of the city’s many pavement cafes for a cup of hot, strong coffee and enjoy one of the many varieties of pastries on offer, drawn from all the cultures of Spain.

The first impression that many draw when they visit Madrid for the first time is this famous line of pavement cafes dotted around the city center. And when the time comes to move to Madrid for any reason that’s when people realize their true value when it comes to looking out for a new apartment to live, a quick break for coffee and pastries will give that extra bit of impetus in the important search of finding the right place to live in the city. Also helping to make that search so much easier are the people at ShMadrid, who have become a major force in the city in helping new arrivals to find solutions to their accommodation problems in Madrid, meet their requirements exactly from the wide choice of apartments in Madrid that ShMadrid always have to choose from, to suit every taste and budget.

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Our favorites

Photo by AppleSister via Visualhunt

Photo by AppleSister via Visualhunt

A big favorite of along the pavement cafe closed in Madrid is the Santiago pastry. For those who don’t know Santiago was the name of the patron saint of Spain, and the people of Madrid’s honor his name by partaking of this delightful and light almond flavored tart with their coffee.

For those on the lookout for something a little richer, then the Gallegamay may well be more down their street. is a rich, spongy cake originating from the Spanish region of Galicia Bica Gallegamay is a rich and spongy pasty served with a topping of toasted sugar crust, which is as crunchy as it is tasty. Not recommended for those watching their diet!

Another national favorite is the traditional Basque Cake, or “Pastel Vasco” as it is known in Spanish. There are very few frills about the Pastel Vasco, which stands out because of its rich crusty taste combining beautifully with a choice of rich creamy fillings, often flavored with a mix of rum and raisins.

Although there is such a wide choice of pastries around, catering for every taste. As is mostly always the case, the simplest are usually the most popular. In the case of Madrid, just about every pavement café of bakery will have Magdalenas on their menu. Small in size, sweet and rich-tasting, Magdalenas are light and fluffy, making them a strong favorite for breakfast and mid morning snacks when served with “café con leche.”

No matter your choice of pastry, you will be sure to find what you enjoy in the pavement cafes or patisseries of Madrid.

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