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Discounts In Madrid’s Cinemas

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Written by Brian S.

Going to the cinema to see the latest films is a popular hobby for many, although, in recent years, the price of one ticket has increased a lot. Still, we can buy tickets at cheaper prices if we take advantage of discounts and promotions that are offered occasionally by the cinema.

At ShMadrid, this is how you can get these discounts so you can go to the cinema and benefit from these promotions at lower prices.

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Where to get discount at Madrid’s cinemas

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Spectator Day

One of the best options to save money on tickets is going to the cinema on selected days in which a discount is given by just showing up on that day at that time. “Spectator Day,” as it is called, are held at most cinemas every Wednesday.

On weekends, tickets are approximately €10, whereas Spectator Day costs only €4.50, more than half off, very significant in savings. So, it is worth going to the movies on Wednesdays rather than the weekends to save that extra €5.50 for another movie to see later on.

People do come on Wednesdays for these half-off days to see any movie they like, giving it a weekend-like atmosphere. 


Some cinemas have promotions that will allow you to save on your ticket to see the movie you want. Most cinemas have screenings late at night and early morning, lowering prices considerably. One of these cinemas that does this is Yelmo, where late night screenings cost only €5.50 per person on Fridays and Saturdays at 23:00.

Another promotion, from Monday to Friday every week, tickets are just €5.20 per person until 18:00. In addition, there are several other theaters that have promotions and discounts for unemployed, Seniors, and students, with discounts from €1 to €4 in general admission that allow us to save a little money to go to the movies.

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Member Card

Another way to save money is to become a member of a cinema you go to quite regularly, which can benefits to being a member. Among the advantages of being a member is the discounts on entry several days of the week, exclusive promotions of 2-for-1, gifts and contests, collecting points when buying a ticket everytime to redeem for free tickets in the future, free popcorn and drinks, and VIP seats without extra charge.

One of the most important cinemas in Madrid are the Cinesa cinemas, where you can purchase the CinesaCard membership for just €1 directly at the boxoffice or on their website. Yelmo Cines also has this service, and by being a member of the MovieYelmo program, you can benefit from several promotions.

At the Dreams Palacio del Hielo cinema, you can join Club Dreams for free and become a member of one of the most popular cinemas in Madrid.

Madrid Cinemas

Yelmo Cines is one of the best-known cinemas in Spain with a large number of theaters across the country. In Madrid, Yelmo cinema in located in the Islazul Shopping Center. The most notable Cinesa theater in Madrid is at Paseo de la Florida, 2, in Argüelles via Line 6 of the Madrid metro to the Príncipe Pío stop.

Finally, there is Dreams Cinemas, located inside the Palacio de Hielo shopping center on Calle de Silvano, 77, besides Canillas on line 4 of the Madrid metro.

Do you know other discounts or promotions?

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