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Fall 2018 Career Courses For Young Adults in Madrid

Written by Laura

Finding work as a young adult is a complicated task that is especially difficult in Spain, and finding a good job that you actually enjoy these days is nearly impossible. Sometimes, one of the only options that remains is to study a specialization you enjoy so you can pursue a career that is fulfilling and motivating for you. Although it is more of an investment than a form of immediate income, the idea is that in the future you will be able to pursue a career you want while also earning more money. Today in this article from ShMadrid we want to talk about an initiative from the Ayuntamiento de Madrid that aims to boost employment opportunities with free courses in different types of curricular training – read on and sign up!

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Free courses to improve your resume

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Young people face a variety of obstacles when it comes to finding their first job. On one hand, many of them have obtained a university degree or other form of higher education but still cannot find a job in their field of study, causing them to have to take jobs that don’t relate at all to their specialty. On the other hand, some people do not have a degree in a specific area because they feel that the degree will not help them find a job, and feel unmotivated to pursue further studies. Overall, the demand for different positions that cover various types of specializations is not being met, with employees’ profiles not fitting the position due to being either overqualified or under qualified for the type of work. The Ayuntamiento de Madrid has decided to take on this issue and has created specialized courses related to professions that are currently in demand on the job market, geared towards young job-hunters looking to start off their career, called Cursos Otoño Joven 2018 (2018 Career Courses for Young Adults).

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In these courses, you can receive training for professions such as sports refereeing, tennis coaching and pilates instructingfor example. These can be ideal for those who want a career in sports science or kinesiology, or for people that have worked in sports out of interest and now want to work in the area of sports professionally. However, the variety of courses doesn’t end here – you can also be trained in first aid, pool maintenance, lifeguarding, supermarket deliveries, fishing, working as a butcher and food handling. If you like to work with people in the realm of hospitality or food service, you can study hospitality and customer service, waitressing and table bussing and event planning. In addition, you can find interesting courses in radio broadcasting, sign language communication, professional makeup artistry, and children’s recreational leadership.

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As you can see, there are a variety of options and interesting professional opportunities that, with training, can bring you to a specific career that aligns with your interests, skills and passions. Sometimes when looking for a job, many doors close before a window ever opens, but with free courses like those offered by the Ayuntamiento you can increase your access to more opportunities and open more windows into your professional career.

What do you think of these courses offered by the Ayuntamiento de Madrid ? Are you planning on signing up for one of them?

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