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Halloween 2019 in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

Halloween is one of the most amusing and important celebrations in fall. Many children, teenagers, but also quite a few adults dress up as their favourite horror character. Outfits are not only creative, but also be hilarious and entertaining.

Today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you where to go for Halloween this year.

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Celebrate Halloween in Madrid

Madrid’s Amusement Park

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Photo via Pixabay

Madrid’s Amusement Park (or Parque de Atracciones de Madrid) is so much more than just a few roller coasters. If you want to experience a bit – or a lot – of adrenaline and fun, then visiting the Amusement Park is always a good idea.

But on a day as special like Halloween, this park will offer even more entertainment when you go with family or friends.

If you are looking for a more relaxed, family outing, then the Amusement Park has a programme that is suitable for everyone. There are various activities, like solving a mystery, having a Halloween themed makeup session or enjoying a live concert by the ‘Soul Witches’.

Halloween Party

If you are in for a Halloween party on the most scary night of the year, then we have come up with a list of possible nightclubs. Celebrate Halloween with a group of friends in your favourite costumes and don’t go home until you see the dawn of day…

University students always appreciate the following three legendary discotheques for Halloween: Mitty Madrid, which is famous for having a Halloween costume competition, discotheque Bowi and Sala Copernicus.

But if this Halloween you want to join the party of all parties, then the UniversiParty Halloween Movie at the Fabrik is absolutely the place to be.

Warner Park

Going to Warner Brothers Movie Park (or Parque Warner) during the night of Halloween will let you relive several really scary scenes from some of the most famous international movies.

This year, Warner Park has not just organized one, but actually four different horror scenes to have different settings resulting in unique experiences.

If you really want to have goosebumps, visit Freddy Krueger, Friday the 13th or this year’s newest additions, which will remain in the park permanently.

The Cemetery of the Souls

halloween hands against outside spooky window

Photo via Pixabay

The Cementerio de las Ánimas beats every other horror event in Spain. This is an unbelievable place, that lets you truly experience fear and horror for a few hours or a full weekend. You can only imagine the adventures and horror stories at this cemetery…

The Cemetery of the Souls is a place that includes every possible option to scare the hell out of you, with, among many other characters, zombies, monsters and ghosts. Every little spooky detail has been taken care of. Do you have the guts to visit the Cemetery of the Souls?

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El Enterrador Escape Restaurant

Mr. Clark’s past is filled with strange events, like having illegitimate children and helping Emily Dam exhume corpses from their home. The DNA of these corpses is currently being studied for identification. The role he played at the end of his life gave him the nickname “Grave Digger“.

This is the story you will immerse yourself in, when you participate in this dinner and escape room event, which is ideal for Halloween. This peculiar restaurant offers you the most original way to spend your Halloween, with an escape room with games and riddles, fun, a bit of horror and an enjoyable lunch or dinner in another room.

There are two options:

Day Session

  • Lunch with Special Menu
  • Escape game
  • Actors
  • Open bar during lunch

Night Session

  • Dinner with Special Menu
  • Escape game
  • Actors
  • Open bar during dinner
  • Entrance to Dam Mansion
  • Discotheque

Which activity do you find most interesting for Halloween this year?

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