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Hello Summer!

Written by Daniella

Summer is the most favourite season of the year for most Spaniards. The weather is good, temperatures will get higher, maybe they planned a holiday, there is less traffic and the days are long… so it is clear that the city has everything you might possibly need, if you plan on staying here and enjoying an intense summer full of incredible ideas and plans. Madrid is the perfect place to enjoy the summer season, and if you think you might be bored, you could not be any further from the truth! And that is why the team from ShMadrid will give you a few tips on how to spend your best summer in the city of Madrid.

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Tips for enjoying your summer in Madrid

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You have been waiting all year for the summer to arrive, and now it is finally here! You are happy, and since you will not be leaving the city this year, you need the best tips to help you get through summer. If you do not live in Madrid, but have decided to spend a few days here during the summer, please keep on reading as well. Staying in Madrid this season may not sound very appealing to you, but we have the secrets to make it special, so it can become the best summer of your life. First of all we would like to recommend relaxing on one of the thousands of terraces you can find at different restaurants in Madrid. Not only will they provide shade during a hot summer day, because at least the shade makes it a lot more bearable, you will also be able to savour the excellent gastronomy of Spain´s capital. Try Madrid’s magnificent hotel rooftops: you will not only have the most amazing views, but you will also be pleasantly surprised by very tasty dishes. Some important advice if you plan on strolling through Madrid to explore the city: remember to drink and really hydrate your body well. Always carry a bottle of water with you, to avoid getting sick in the, sometimes suffocating, heat. You should also try to walk in the shade when possible, because Madrid’s heat can be very dry, and spending time in the shade will make your journey more enjoyable.

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Photo via Pixabay

If the heat in the capital is unbearable, pay a visit to one of the city’s many public swimming pools. Practically every district in Madrid has its own swimming pool, and the entrance fee is actually not that bad, when you’re looking for a place to cool off during a heat wave. Most swimming pools have a bar, small restaurant and lawn, where you can sunbathe and relax. If you are coming to Madrid with your children, there is only one piece of advice we can give you: go to Warner Beach Park. You can spend a full day having family fun in the sun, and the children will have a great time with all the entertainment possibilities. There are water attractions for all ages and many different levels, so even adults who dare to take the plunge will get an adrenaline rush. You will find Warner Beach Park at Motorway A-4, exit 22. You can get there by train, car, Renfe and bus. Our last suggestion is spending a morning or afternoon at one of the most interesting urban parks in the capital: Madrid Rio. The beach of Madrid Rio lies on the river banks of the Rio Manzanares, and there is a lake, surrounded by grassy areas, where you can soak up the sun. There are also a few water jets, which will take care of refreshing the body. The beach of Madrid Rio is therefore also perfect for taking your children.

How do you plan to spend hot summer days in Madrid?

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