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Improve your health as well as your bank balance by living in Madrid

Written by damien

In recent years changes in attitudes, the development of the European Community as well as combinations of changes in global and financial climates have meant that Spain and in particular the city of Madrid has developed a successful industry in the field of medical tourism.

For those who are not aware of the advantages of medical tourism, it means that anyone living within the European community and holding a relevant passage can receive treatment in any country or city that they choose within the union. Many people find this alternative really appealing, especially those living in colder climates, or where the cost of medical treatment is particularly high.

The growth of medical tourism in Madrid has built opportunities at two levels; first of all of those who come to the city stay there for a month or two in order to receive treatment of a particular illness, or those with experience in various aspects of the medical profession who come to the city to work.

No matter the reason why anyone would come to live in and depending on for how long the first step that needs to be taken is to find the right place to live in the city, both in terms of location and costs. Helping to make that search so much easier are the people at ShMadrid, a major force in real estate management in the city, who have been helping new arrivals for some time now. If you are coming to Madrid to treat or be treated, then the first treat you should give yourself is to pop into ShMadrid’s conveniently situated offices of where you will be guaranteed to find a wide choice of apartments to suit every taste and budget.

Once the accommodation issue has taken care of their next step is to find the best place to receive the treatment you are looking for, as well as begin to take advantage of all of the many facilities that Madrid has to offer, as well as its culture its nightlife and its excellent restaurants and the ability to either participate in or take in some of the major sporting attractions that the city has to offer.

When it comes to medical treatment Madrid offers a very wide choice of International-accredited hospitals, with Spain, being rated in seventh place in terms of health care in Europe by the World Health Organization (WHO). All of Madrid’s hospitals as well as offering the finest of care, and being considerably less expensive than hospitals in Northern Europe and the UK, will also employ top-quality staff speak the major European languages.

In recent years Spain has become a leading global center in the treatment of infertility in females with a number of internationally renowned clinics offering outpatient services.

A particularly well known clinic is that of Dr. Federico Galera, who has succeeded in assisting more than ten thousand babies to come into the world.

Another branch of treatment that Madrid has become well known for offering the highest standard of medical dentistry. Medical tourists have been coming to the city for many years to take advantage of the highly experienced dental surgeons who carry out dental implants, at highly competitive prices often half of what they would pay at home.

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