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The Longboards of Madrid

Written by Emily Elwes

Madrid longboards is a company in California that makes longboard skateboards since the 1970s. However if you have ever traveled with your longboard Madrid would be a great place to take it with you. Surrounded by mountains there are plenty of paths that are longboarders dreams. Let this article shall you the highlights of longboarding, while you consider your Madrid tourist accommodation.

Longboard PintailLongboarding 

Unlike skateboards, longboards are meant for downhill, slalom, racing, sliding or transport. They are not the trickster boards of the X games where you see boys and girls flying high and doing flips. Yet whipping down a mountain on longboard traveling at speeds of over 100 km an hour can often give a similar thrill as skateboarding tricks. These boards have also been used for long-distance riding with the longest trek recorded by New Zealander Rob Thomas with a 12,159km ride. The long boarding community also supports regular use of protective equipment including slide pads, helmets and other protective gear such as wrist guards, shin guards, spine guard, knee pads and elbow pads. Not all writers where all protective equipment but there is a standard where most writers use helmets and slide pads at a minimum. Slide pads are heavy-duty leather or synthetic gloves with a hard puck covering the palm to protect riders when they slide.

madrid longboards board shopLongboarding Tips

The first thing about picking a longboard is understanding what your purpose for it will be. Do you plan on riding the mountains everywhere you travel, is it simply to get from point A to point B in your hometown, or is it to provide hours of sliding and curving enjoyment. There are shorter and longer boards as well as different shapes, bushings, bearings and wheels to consider when purchasing a longboard. It is best as a beginner to go to a skate shop let them know your experience level and intended purpose and let them help you choose the board. Always stand on it in the shop to test it for balance and feel. The first and most important aspects of learning to longboard is simply getting comfortable being able to stand and ride in short straight lines. Understand that the more you are able to control balance and other basic techniques such as curving the better your long-term chances are.

Longboarding in Madrid

One of the best examples of long boarding around Madrid’s mountains is this video. Before you arrive if you are a tourist it may be worthwhile to check the local forum boards and see if there are any groups going out while you are there. Join up and enjoy some of the best scenery while carving your way down a mountain. Even riding through the city on a quiet Saturday is possible as seen in this video.

Take your Madrid longboard with you when travelling to help get around or simply enjoy the scenic mountains on a great ride. Ride with the Longboard Girls Crew in Madrid from your tourist accommodation.


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