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Madrid’s Plastihistory of Humanity Exhibition

crusaders scene plastihistory exhibition madrid
Written by Daniella

Sometimes you are at a loss what to do with your kids in the capital. Especially during the holidays when there is lots of free time, you end up doing the same things with your children and going to the same places time and time again. And of course, they get bored and might even throw a tantrum…

Interesting activities with your smallest children often include them discovering and learning new things. Somehow this can entertain them for quite a few hours.

Either if you are staying in Madrid in your short-term rental or you are living in Madrid, today, this article by ShMadrid will shed a little light on the exhibition ‘Platihistoria de la Humanidad’, located at the Patio Andaluz at Gaviria Palace.

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Discover the history of humanity in a totally different way

prehistoric scene plastihistory exhibition madrid

Photo by Fundación Educa

The Patio Andaluz at Gaviria Palace hosts a different kind of exhibition at the moment, and it is ideal for your youngest children. It shows 20 scenes in a creative and didactic manner, focusing on a historical period or important moment in the history of humanity, through figures made of plasticine.

The exhibition shows, among other items, events from the Palaeolithic to the times of globalization, by way of Egypt, the Phoenicians, Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Goya and the conquest of space.

When you visit the exhibition, you will start from the Palaeolithic and ‘travel’ to today’s globalized world, not forgetting the gladiators’ struggle in classical Rome, the conquest of the holy land in the Crusades, the carving of Michelangelo’s David in the middle of the Renaissance, the trench battles in World War I and the conquest of space.

This exhibition in Madrid is full of knowledge, and it is adapted to families with children, but it will also fascinate adults who want to experience history in a completely different way.

Organised by the Arthemisia España association and the Fundación Educa, this exhibition is an extraordinary journey through historic times, designed for visitors of all ages. It is, however, especially interesting for young children, as the exhibition is not only entertaining, they also learn about human’s past and present.

You can visit the exhibition in several different ways: you can buy a general ticket, a ticket with group discount or a family ticket. All these tickets can be purchased online or at the palace ticket office (up to one hour before the exhibition closes).

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moon landing scene plastihistory exhibition madrid

Photo by Fundación Educa

Without a question of a doubt, the Patio Andaluz at Gaviria Palace is presenting this innovative exhibition to bring the history of humanity closer to children (and everyone in general), by recreating well-known scenes that are milestones in our history. All throughout this entertaining exhibition you will find the events in chronological order.

By using plasticine as the material to represent scenes, this exhibition has a totally different approach, and it has therefore become a benchmark on offering an attractive means of educating each and every age.

If you still have a few gaps in your holiday, consider visiting this exhibition with your children. Spend an enjoyable morning or afternoon at Palacio Gaviria, and learn through these captivating plasticine figures.

The exhibition has started on July 7, and it will end on October 10 in 2019. Opening hours are from Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m..

If you would like to have more information about the exhibition, visit the Palacio Gaviria website.

*Main photo by Fundación Educa

Have you visited this exhibition yet? Did your family like it?

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