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Visit Café Kino to take in a movie, drink coffee and meet some interesting people

Written by damien

One of the best ways to pass an evening when you’re a newcomer to the city, even one as exciting as Madrid, is to go and visit a movie theater. A lot of people pass up going to watch a movie on their own because it can often be an embarrassing experience.

As you would expect, in Madrid, the owners of Café Kino have come up with a great idea of how to watch a movie in much more intimate surroundings than that of a massive and impersonal movie theater. At Café Kino you can enjoy a coffee or a beer while watching a movie in a small cinema that they have opened in the building.

Newcomers to Madrid will testify that the cozy and friendly atmosphere of Café Kino which is open every night of the week is a great way to meet people, many of them also newcomers to the city, and break the ice by discussing the movie you’re about to see or have seen.

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And one of the most convenient places you can use as an enemy base is Café Kino, conveniently situated on Calle Olivar 17, in the Lavapiés quarter near the center of the city.

Open every day except Mondays, you can get to watch all the latest films from just about every country in the world, as well as enjoy a delicious and inexpensive lunch or dinner, a coffee or a beer and hang out with friends in the comfortable settings of Café Kino.

Every now again if you don’t want to watch a movie but talk movies, the owners of Café Kino occasionally organize round tables, bringing in movie experts to discuss a specific film. For those who really get into movies it is also possible to attend special classes related to the history and art of filmmaking.

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