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Madrid’s nightlife has to be seen to be believed

Written by damien

Anyone who has ever spend even a day or two in the city of Madrid will soon discover why it is known to be among the most active as far as nightlife is concerned. However if you were the type of a person who were inclined to turn in before 10 PM, then the chances are we know nothing about it because that’s when the action begins, and can go on to the first light of dawn. During the hours when Madrid nightlife is at its full tilt the pavements will be alive with the sound of laughter coming from outdoor cafes, backed up by all kinds of music emanating from the many bars, discos and nightclubs spread throughout the city

Madrid nightlife is indeed one of its highlights for those inclined. However that how much people love to enjoy themselves in the city before its delights can be enjoyed to the full, the first thing that needs to be taken care of is to find a comfortable place to live. So that’s why most new arrivals to the city shimmy on down to ShMadrid, who are the people to help them to find an affordable apartment  in Madrid from the widest choice that ShMadrid always have to choose from.

While the other main cities in Spain, for example Seville, Barcelona and Valencia are no slouches when it comes to burning the midnight oil, Madrid still appears to lead the way when it comes to enjoying life after dark. The first hints that the party is about to begin again is when traffic jams begin to build up along the Paseo de la Castellana, the main thoroughfare into the city center. A sure sign that the crowds are beginning to make their way towards the city’s many and multifaceted entertainment centres.

The first observation that visitors to the city are inclined to make is how do the Madrileños do it? That means function during the day and party all night long. And the answer is that over the years these party loving people have learned how to build their day around enjoying the night.

Many of them go straight from a long night’s entertainment straight to work or to study. Because of the heat of Madrid in the summer months, things start to close down around 13.00, after which everyone takes a light lunch, usually some Paella and  then indulge themselves with another famous Spanish pastime, the Siesta, usually surfacing again in the late afternoon, to continue their day’s work or study around 19.00.

So that’s why at 22.00 they are charged up and raring to go, usually only taking their evening meal around that time.

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