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Madrid’s Balmy Weather

Written by Emily Elwes

Madrid’s weather is classified as warm-temperate subtropical climate, and it shows in all the great outdoor activities available most of the year. If you are looking at ShMadrid for rentals in Madrid, there is almost no better place in Europe to enjoy sun and fun.

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Climate expectations

Madrid Weather Map

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Generally subtropical climate zones are geographically located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn latitude lines but are often found elsewhere. A subtropical climate is expected to have at least 10 months of the year with +10C, with the coldest months averaging between 2-13C. The Mediterranean subset of subtropical climates has hot and dry summers and wet, cool winters. The Mediterranean climate precipitation being dominated by high-pressure cells in the summer excludes most rain during that season while the winter polar jet stream brings rain and possibly snow in the winter months. The summer months witness occasional thunderstorms, but it is not unheard during a for 4-6 months period with only minimal precipitations. Temperature ranges in this subtropical climate can mean warm summers and mild winters or hot summers and relatively cold winters. In Madrid, it is the latter of the two with snow and frost possible on an annual basis. The higher elevation of Madrid contributes to this phenomenon of colder winters, but the adjacent desert winds can escalate warm temperatures in the summer as well.

Hot summers

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If you like it HOT, then Madrid is a fantastic summer playground with temperatures ranging from 20-40C in the six-month long summer paradise. July and August are by far the hottest months with most days over 30C and a fair portion of the 40C range. This may be a reason a lot of Madrilenos love refreshing drinks like Sangria, Vermouth or Gin. Another great part is that the number of hours of sunshine is better than most cities in Europe averaging over 7 hours a day and a whopping 11.5 hours of sunshine during July. Maybe that is why it is considered the party city when the sun shines so long, and parties last long into the night, just to cool down. With humidity peaking in the mid-summer at 74%, it can be quite steamy during July, but most other months the humidity does not play a factor.

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Cool winters

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The winters in Madrid are cold by Spanish standards but are considered mild in comparison to most northern climate countries. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Madrid was -10C, which can be regarded as balmy next to Canada’s -63C. So whether you live in Madrid or are just visiting expect cooler days in December through February averaging 9-12C for daytime highs and 2-4C for night time lows. So remember warm clothes for these cooler temperatures.

Spring and fall tend to be the rainy season in Madrid, so don’t forget to bring an umbrella. It is however still a beautiful time of the year to enjoy moderate temperatures. Enjoy Madrid’s weather from your luxury apartment by shopping, going to the beach, or just enjoying a Café con leche at a sidewalk café.

Have you gotten used to the Madrid climate?

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