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Night Life in Madrid

Written by damien

Madrid is a city with a lot of special glamour, and anyone who is given  the chance to work or study in the Spanish capital should grab it with both hands. Finding a great value apartment can be something of a challenge, but those who are lucky to discover ShMadrid, the undoubted experts in arranging Flats rental in Madrid will have all the time in their hands to burn the candle at both ends.

Any major city will have its nightlife, but the city of Madrid seems to have more than its share. Visitors to Spain and Madrid, in particular, will gradually begin to observe that the Madrilenos appeared to have some kind of split personality that defies common logic. They seem capable of getting up very early in the morning, as well as succeeding in partying all night. So the first question that most people ask is: when do they sleep?

And the answer is during the afternoon.

An observer of the nightlife in Madrid, will soon come to conclusion that there is no point in going out until till very late if you want to enjoy a good meal in any of Madrid’s leading restaurants, and even later, if you want to visit a disco or night club in the city centre, which don’t even start to fill up before 2am. Visitors to the city tend to forget that Madrid is a typical Mediterranean city where many of us activities are affected by the climate, especially during the long summer months. So that’s why Madrilenos have gotten used to going out late and letting their hair down when most other people in other countries of the world are tucked up in bed. Madrilenos love to dance, from its traditional flamenco to BossaNova up to and including disco, with the city hosting at least 250 of them at the last count spread throughout the entire city centre.

Madrid best club to partyIf you don’t want to listen to music, and even enjoy a delicious meal in any one of Madrid’s hundreds of restaurants, you can even enjoy some friends at a pavement cafe, most of which are open around the clock, enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, (or even both) and chat about what’s going on in politics, sport, the weather or anything that interests you.

When you talk about the city that never sleeps, you automatically think of New York. Yet when it comes to Madrid, they are not that far behind- although the Big Apple is yet to discover the Siesta.  If you find yourself looking for a monthly rental for students in Madrid then the people to go and visit are the friendly and efficient staff at ShMadrid.

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Originally from France, Damien has made Spain his home. He loves languages, learning, food and startups.

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