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Public Nursery Schools per District

Written by Daniella

Finding daycare for your children is not only important, but also necessary in many occasions. And although each neighbourhood has several nursery schools, some are expensive, which might  eventually present financial problems at the end of the month. For this reason, municipal governments have allocated economic resources to provide citizens with affordable public daycare centers, so you can leave your offspring in the safety and care with peace of mind. And this is why today the team of ShMadrid will tell you more about public nurseries per district in the capital of Spain.

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Public nurseries with professionals and excellent facilities

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Public nurseries always stand out for having excellent, modern and practical facilities. They are also known for having well-trained professionals to care for and stimulate your young ones, in order to grow up playing, learning and developing in a normal and healthy way. To obtain a place in one of the public nurseries of the city of Madrid, you must first go through pre-registration. Many times the nursery school of your choice lies within close proximity, but always bear in mind that you (the parents) must be registered in the capital. Children must be at least 16 weeks of age and applications for younger babies will not be accepted. An interesting fact is that nurseries have open days to show their education plan, the facilities and their professionals. Open days usually take place in March or April.

After going through the pre-registration process, a series of documents will be requested to formalize the application for the place requested. A photocopy of the ‘Libro de Familia’ (the family book in which marriage and births are registered), a certificate from the employers specifying the working hours and work location of both parents, and an authorization, so that the Administration can collect the data of the ‘Hacienda’ (or Treasury) from the two previous years. The factors that are taken into account to obtain a place in a public nursery, are the following: the annual rent for living space, the proximity to the home of the child, family members that are already placed in this school, the size of the family, disabilities and chronic diseases of the child.

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Photo via Pixabay

Problems of many public nursery schools are the limited availability of the number of places, and also the number of children who will require a place in the future. According to the map of the municipal nursery schools of the City of Madrid, you can find the following number of nurseries in each district:

  • two in Carabanchel
  • one in Villaverde
  • one in Puente de Vallecas
  • one in Moratalaz
  • two in Vicálvaro
  • four in the Centre of Madrid
  • one in La Latina
  • three in Chamberí
  • two in Tetuán
  • two in San Blas
  • one in Barajas
  • two in Hortaleza
  • one in Valverde
  • two in Ciudad Lineal
  • five in Chamartín

If you need more information about procedures, school addresses or school regulations, you can visit the Madrid City Council website here.

If your child is in public nursery school, how much effort did it take? And are you and your child happy with the chosen nursery school?

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