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Madrid’s Best Schools

Written by Laura

Being the capital of Spain, Madrid contains a multitude of schools, academies and institutions, both public and private. Whether religious or secular, it’s about choosing the school that best fits your needs, both for your wallet and your educational expectations. A number of these schools are bilingual, something highly in demand by parents, and many of them have placed emphasis on English language studies as English has become more and more useful in the academic and professional world. Today in this article from ShMadrid we’ll be talking about the best schools in Madrid in order to help you choose the one best suited to you and your children’s needs.  

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The best schools in the Spanish capital

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Another option is Colegio Agustiniano, located on calle Pez Austral, 13 Bis Madrid. This religious and co-ed state school focuses on active teaching and learning, placing emphasis on the potential for growth and maturity of the students, as well as offering technical services to provide effective vocational and professional orientation. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of spacious and furnished facilities to create a comfortable environment for students that allows for maximum engagement and learning. Madrid offers an extensive range of quality educational centers, but some are especially recommended due to the approval they have from parents and students,  both for their academic excellence and their ability to help children and teenagers feel comfortable. The first on the list is Liceo Europeo, a secular co-ed private school that teaches bilingual lessons starting at a young age. The strong points of this school include their basis in the the Finnish education model and holistic learning, as well as their attention to emotions, diet and exercise, which they consider to be the foundations of a healthy life and effective educational experience. English language immersion classes begin at a young age, and the school also introduces students with studies in Mandarin. Liceo Europeo is located at calle Camino Sur, 10-12, La Moraleja.

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Lastly, there is the Colegio San Patricio, a mixed private religious institution that is among the best and most highly regarded schools in Madrid. They have three education center in the zona norte of the capital, which not only prevents classes from overcrowding but also allows teachers and tutors to provide more relaxed and individualized attention to students. The school’s English language lessons are one of its strong points, allowing students to delve into language studies in a way they may not at other schools. Another one of the potential advantages of this school is the importance they place on new technologies, something can be helpful for young students and also will serve them in the future in the technology-focused working world.

Whatever school you choose, it’s best to consider which option will be best for your child’s needs and, if they are older, to talk with them about which school will help them to make the best of themselves and their education. Aside from the options mentioned here, there are of course a variety of other excellent and high-quality schools in Madrid that can help set your children on a successful academic and career track.

Do you know any of these schools? Is there another one who would recommend?

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