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Madrid’s Rock Neighbourhoods

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Written by Daniella

One of the most interesting things about Madrid is its many different types of districts and its cultural and social backgrounds. One movement has had a big impact on some of the neighbourhoods, and this was rock. Madrid has a punk and rock vibe, and in this article you will discover what that means.

Today this blog article by ShMadrid will tell you more about Madrid’s most rock and underground neighbourhoods, those from a maverick and rebellious Madrid from the 80s and 90s.

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Discover rock music in Madrid

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Whatever the time of day, Malasaña always seems to be a very lively neighbourhood. It can be a peaceful place to start the evening, or your last stop if you want to dance until dawn.

Malasaña is in the heart of the city and only a stone’s throw from the famous Gran Via, with bars, pubs and discotheques that open their doors to anyone who wants to have a full night of fantastic fun.

Today, people from all walks of life visit Malasaña. You will mostly notice people in their thirties here, listening to rock and indie music. If you are more into electronic and pop music, that is not a problem though. Everything is possible in Malasaña.

The Malasaña neighbourhood has survived and evolved for decades, in an unpredictable tug-of-war between legendary clubs and new and trendy venues. Without a doubt some of its classic bars are La Vía Láctea, El Penta and El TupperWare. These three represent Madrid’s popular culture.

As busy as the first three bars we mentioned, are other venues in the area, such as BarCo, Café La Palma, San Mateo Seis, Madklyn, El Perro de la Parte de Atrás del Coche and the late-nighter Wharf 73, which is similar to the Wurlitzer Ballroom. Many of these places will make you want to stay right until the break of dawn. If you are looking for a place a little more eccentric, visit Estupenda Café Bar or Lucky Dragon.

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Princesa is Madrid’s university area, as this is where the majority of colleges and dormitories are located. Being a university area automatically means there are many options for a night out, and this zone is more adapted to a younger public, with bars and discos where they play many different kinds of music, like EDM, rock and metal.

However, lovers of pop or Latin music will also be able to satisfy their needs here, and the atmosphere is always excellent. Don’t forget to go to Bajos de Argüelles if you are a true hard rock fan.

When discussing parts of Madrid that truly rocked between the 80s and 90s, we cannot leave out the neighbourhood of Vallecas.

There was once a time when there was so much variety in this neighbourhood, that you could stay in the neighbourhood itself without even having to take a car to go from one bar to the other.

There was popular rock and unconventional Spanish rock, but also Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Some of the most characteristic venues are: La Urbe del Kas, Sala Killers and Sala Excalibur.

Are you a rock fan? What is your favourite bar in Madrid?

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