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Studying in Madrid

Written by damien

The academic world is getting smaller all the time and none more so than when it comes to higher education within the European Union. Thanks to an initiative under the title of the European Higher Education Space (EHES), Spain, in partnership with another thirty EU member countries have collaborated to amalgamate their higher educational systems can extent where any student can decide to follow their higher education goals in a room within the European community. The purpose of this initiative is to increase mobility within the community with the long haul of allowing seamless integration of university graduates into the European Labour Market.

For many years Spain has held a lot of attractions for students within the European Union as well as from all over the world, with a total of more than fifty public universities and another twenty privately operated spread throughout the country, with obviously the most as well as the longest established being situated in the capital city, Madrid.

Anyone who makes the wise decision to come to study in Madrid will be following the footsteps of many who find it a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. The first step before study can commence is for the new student to find themselves comfortable accommodation which is both affordable and within easy reach of the University in which they will be studying. While many universities in Madrid provide their students with basic accommodation, there are many who still prefer the feel of home and the privacy that it brings. In this case is worthwhile taking the time to visit the offices of ShMadrid, one of the city’s top rental agencies, well known for their friendly and personal service as much as for the fantastic choice of top class Madrid apartments for rent that they constantly have on offer, as much as their innovative abilities to provide solutions for every problem when it comes to short or long rental in Madrid to suit every new arrival.

Once the important issue of whether to lay their books down after a hard day study has been taking care of and some of the sights and sounds of the city tested and tasted then it’s time to let the study begin.

The student will have arrived in Madrid to commence study fairly well prepared, and away the fact that in Spain graduate degrees are set apart in three different stages in accordance with guidelines set by the EHES covering five subjects running as follows:

  • Arts and Humanities

  • Engineering and Technology

  • Health Sciences

  • Sciences

  • Social Sciences and Law

Graduates of any of the major European union country’s universities have often been known to choose Madrid to take their Masters Degrees in with all that is required is a maximum of 12 credits in order to qualify.

Irrespective of the degree course taken universities in Madrid operate under the same academic calendar as the rest of Europe with courses beginning in October and ending in June. Term exams are held twice annually, the first in February and second at the end of the semester in June.

Anyone intending to commence the study in Madrid is well advised to take an expository trip at least two months before they are due to arrive. One of the first places on their visited visit should be the ShMadrid.

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Originally from France, Damien has made Spain his home. He loves languages, learning, food and startups.

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