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Delicious Summer Vermouths in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Something many people from Madrid enjoy and will definitely not forget, is having an aperitif on Saturdays and Sundays. This relaxed moment with friends or family, followed by a nice meal later on, is the best excuse to enjoy life. And as having a vermouth, or an aperitif in general, is followed by thousands of enthusiasts in this charming city, ShMadrid will tell you more about where to have the best vermouths and aperitifs in Madrid.

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Where to enjoy the best vermouths in the capital

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The first place we would like to share with you is La Hora del Vermut. They have 80 (!) different vermouths from different parts of Spain, and they also serve the French Quintinye vermouth. Every one of their bottles can be purchased at the shop in Mercado de San Miguel and at Carrer Fernán González 48, which is in the Retiro-Ibiza area. Their two locations offer a varied menu, based on products that form a perfect combination with vermouth. You will find a wide variety of pickled foods at Mercado de San Miguel, such as mussels, dried tomatoes, fish, cheese, ham, sausages, anchovies and pork. They also serve both traditional and modern banderillas or pintxos, stuffed peppers, Almagro aubergines and over 20 different dressings from manzanilla and gordale olives (from the village, from grandmother, with tomato, with orange or lemon, with coriander or basil, with fennel seeds, a Chimichurri, vinaigrette, barbecue or spicy sauce). And what better way is there to combine these lovely foods, than with a delicious vermouth. Another option we would like to suggest is La Vermuneta. The promoters’ entrepreneurial and tenacious spirit at La Vermuneta, also known as Vermut Zarro or Madrid’s vermouth, has not ever changed, and neither has its recipe. This company, that specialises in vermouth, has opened its doors in 1968, and it quickly became a symbol of the capital. Their innovation and development resulted in the marketing of new vermouths, such as Zarro Ecológico Vermouth, the world’s first organic vermouth, Zarro Único Vermouth, a great after-dinner drink, and Creamy Zarro Vermouth.

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You can find every one of its specialty vermouths, which is completely artisanal and perfect for every vermouth lover, in their online vermouth shop. Vermut Zarro has been Madrid’s vermouth for more than half a century, due to its full-bodied taste and its origin. And people in Madrid do not only have it at the bar, but also at home, sticking to their roots and continuing to drink Madrid’s distinctive Vermouth, that is typically served at many bars and new gastro-pubs, who combine excellent vermouths with refined and delicious tapas as an aperitif to stimulate the palate. Our last recommendation is Bodegas Ricla, one of the most traditional and authentic bars in Madrid. It opened in 1867, and you can find it close to Plaça Mayor. Although the bodega is quite small in size, you can have a fantastic vermouth or glass of wine here. They both come in many varieties and are of excellent quality. You can have lovely and typical food with it, like mussels, cockles, anchovies, and also other dishes, such as cod in oil, anchovies in vinegar or its signature dishes: Madrid tripe or cured León meat.

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Where have you had your best vermouth in Madrid?

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