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Quick guide on getting to Toledo

Written by Volodymyr

Every day thousands of tourists arrive from Madrid to the town of Toledo for one-day tours. Thanks to the short distance between the two cities (around 70 kilometers) and comfortable infrastructure, the question of visiting the town essentially answers itself. Toledo is the ideal place to spend a one-day journey.

Going on a train

Renfe trainWithout a question, the best way for tourists to get to Toledo is by using the train. Every hour, the high-speed train goes from the Madrid’s railway station of Atocha and arrives at Toledo’s own railway station in 25 minutes. In addition, the historical center of the city is located only by 15 minutes of walking. The tickets can be easily bought on the official Renfe website. When you already have bought the tickets, you will receive a code on your cell phone, which you will be able to use in the train station and receive a printed copy. With the physical form, you will arrive at the luggage area and pass the security control. At the terminal, you will be able to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the special passenger zones of the station. Before entering, simply show the ticket to the controller who will validate it. Alternatively, you can buy the tickets for the train to Toledo at the railway station of Atocha. Out of all, this is not the most recommended method, as first of all, the queues at the station are always relatively long; secondly, you can always end up without a ticket, as Toledo is one of the most popular locations to go to for numerous travelers. Prices on a Renfe train Toledo-Madrid (both ways) are approximately 25 euros.

Going on a bus

Another popular method of reaching the medieval capital of Spain – is to use the bus, which will cover the route in a bit more than an hour. A firm called ALSA usually offers this route with a modernized fleet of buses with all comfy features (air-conditioner, TV screen, movable seats, etc.). The trip is absolutely safe as it undergoes solely on the highway. Tickets on a Madrid-Toledo bus can be purchased on the ALSA’s official website or directly at the Eliptica bus station. If you are in the center of the town, you can buy a ticket at any tourist agency, however an additional fee will be covered for the service. Price for a bus ticket to Toledo and back is approximately 10 euros.

Private guides & excursions

If you would like to take the opportunity to utilize an exclusive service just for yourself and your company, then you can order a private excursion to Toledo including transportation. Numerous companies offer their clients exclusive service ranging from voyaging throughout the city in business-class cars (Mercedes, Audi, etc.) with a hotel reception, providing the maximum level of comfort. In the company of the guide, you will be able to see with the town’s unique historical locations in a wonderful format. The guide will provide with relevant information, local legends, people’s stories, and advices.

Car rental

Toledo #2If you are a lover of individual journeys or simply travelling by car, then an alternative just for you would be to rent a car in Madrid and cover the route of 70 kilometers by yourself. The trip is relatively easy to accomplish. The roads are constantly filled with bright signs and in the most unlikely case; GPS would always be at your side. If your residence/hotel is located near the center of the city, then you have travel to the south of Madrid in the direction of the Atocha railway station and turn to the Paseo Santa Maria de la Cabeza street. From there, you have to simply follow the signs on the A-42 highway. In Madrid, it is possible to rent a car in any of the offices of the main car rental companies, which are usually located near the railway stations, the airport or in the center of the city. If not, then an alternative would be to rent a car through a travelling agency.

In the end, a trip Toledo is a must whenever you visit Madrid. It is a gorgeous town filled with sights to see. In the end, the trip will leave you unforgettable memories!

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Volodymyr is a Russian journalist student and writer.

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