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Trendy Clubs in Madrid

Written by Daniella

There is an extensive and varied leisure offer in the capital of Spain. Restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs… Going out in Madrid is very entertaining, because of the many different venues you can visit. And as you are in the capital, you can often see famous people and VIP’s at the most trendy places, as they make the discotheques more stylish and glamorous. Therefore, it is common for fashionable clubs to be swarmed with popular people. Today, this article from ShMadrid will tell you more about the best clubs in the city, the fashionable places of the beautiful people.

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Feel like a VIP at the coolest clubs in the capital

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The most fashionable clubs in Madrid are special because of a series of elements. First of all there should be good music, well selected and varied and with the latest hits. A good DJ is essential to experience the music being played in a special and unique way. A good choice of songs is paramount, as well as being able to create exclusive and quality mixes. Second of all, a spacious dance floor, good acoustics and a cozy lounge area are essential to a good club. This way there is a place for music and dancing, but you can also have a conversation with your friends. When it comes to drinks, cocktails and good quality products also make a difference in a music venue. If, in addition, it offers several types of music with different rooms in the same place, so clients can easily move between them, it can turn into a big success. Glitter and glamour decorations, although not too much, and modern and efficient facilities are always of value. Plenty of bathrooms will not have you standing in line for too long, emergency exits are easy to locate and provide security to guests, and rules of conduct prevent or minimize incidents within the premises. Strict rules are followed to only allow entrance to the maximum capacity. And all these elements together make a normal disco turn into a trendy one.

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The last element is the VIP areas. It should be discreet, quiet and comfortable, and it should persuade popular and famous people to choose that place for their parties. With a VIP lounge  a club has cachet and it makes the club an exclusive place. Some examples of fashionable clubs in the capital are: Kumarah, a unique space full of different rooms and terraces, with exclusive people. Be aware that there is a strict dress code! Another option is Bling Bling, located at Plaza de Colón, which is the latest creation of the Costa Este Group. It is a great success as far as night parties are concerned. The mythical Kapital is a classic night venue in Madrid, partly because of its 7 floors, of which each one has its own ambience and a different kind of music. The atmosphere on Thursdays, full of young people spending an unforgettable, long night in Madrid, has already made the word juernes (a combination of jueves and viernes) famous.

What other cool club in Madrid would you recommend?

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