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Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid’s Malasaña Neighbourhood

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Written by Daniella

Malasaña is part of Madrid’s Centro district, and the area is a pioneer in fashion and other trends. In its streets you will find many culinary spots, including a few vegetarian restaurants.

ShMadrid wants to bring you up to date on the best vegetarian restaurants, so you can fully enjoy tasty, vegetarian dishes anytime you want.

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The best vegetarian restaurants in Malasaña

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Malasaña can easily be reached by public transport, so you won’t have any problem going there. Take the bus, BiciMad (Madrid’s bicyble sharing system) or get off at one of the following metro stops: Tribunal, San Bernardo, Bilbao, Gran Vía, Callao, Noviciado, Santo Domingo, Plaza de España or Ventura Rodríguez.

Loving Hut

Loving Hut is located at Calle de los Reyes, and it is nearest to the Plaza de España metro stop. It is part of a restaurant chain, and many tourists have already discovered this restaurant.

It has a very interesting menu, with empanadas, burritos and vegetarian burgers, but you can also try its tofu salad, skewers or the chef’s rolls. During weekdays there is a menu (menu del día) for 11.50€, and on weekends and in the evenings the menu is 13.50€.


This is a new place with a lot of tasty, vegan dishes on the menu. They want to challenge a meat lover’s palate by trying some of its incredible recipes, such as a chickpea stew with mushrooms, a kale and eggplant burger with potatoes and aioli, and vegan tripe with mojo canario (a Canarian sauce) made from almonds and parsley.

Vega is located at Calle Luna, and its nearest metro stop is Noviciado or Plaza de España. Previous customers are excited about this place, because of its value for money, nice decorations and great service.


This restaurant is quite a surprise. Its cuisine is incredibly creative and decorations are sophisticated and welcoming at the same time. In addition to this, the food at Crucina is being cooked practically without any stoves and at a temperature of below 41°C.

This healthy kitchen is part of a concept that came directly from the United States. Its ingredients are top quality and the desserts are also exquisite. Try the tricolore lasagna, vegetable musaka or courgette tagliatelle with pesto.

And if you still have room for dessert, there’s a delicious chocolate cake with cherries or a double apricot filled crêpe. Crucina is located at Calle Divino Pastor and is close to the following metro stops: San Bernardo, Noviciado and Tribunal.

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Punto Vegano

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This is another excellent vegetarian restaurant in the area. It is located at Calle Luisa Fernanda, near the Plaza de España metro stop, and its menu is full of homemade, slow-food recipes, alongside other dishes that can be prepared quicker.

At Punto Vegano you can choose from many vegetarian delicacies, like spinach stuffed ravioli with tomato sauce and nut cheese, sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs.

Bunny’s Deli

Located at Calle San Gregorio, Bunny’s Deli is closest to the Chueca metro stop. Its dishes are very appealing, as they only use high quality raw foods in the kitchen. It has vegan and organic snacks, traditional stews, but also salads and soups on the menu.

Its star dishes are thyme and blueberry scones, a New York style cheesecake and a vegetable quiche. And the good news is, you can even order take-away here.

Are there any other good vegetarian restaurants in Malasaña?

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