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Best Vermouth Bars in Madrid’s Malasaña District

glass of vermouth with lemon and ice in it
Written by Daniella

One of the most Spanish things to do, is to have a vermouth in a bar on the weekends. You typically do this before eating anything. And as Spaniards really know how to live life to the fullest, there are many bars in each and every town in the country. The city of Madrid is, of course, no exception to the rule.

Today, this article by ShMadrid will focus on where you can find a few vermouth bars in the famous district of Malasaña. This is one of the most interesting districts in the capital when it comes to gastronomy.

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Have a vermouth in Malasaña

Casa Camacho

two glasses of vermouth on bar

Photo by BCNinternet via Visualhunt

Casa Camacho opened in 1929 as a liquor store, and it is located at Calle San Andrés, 4, near Plaza Marqués de Santa Ana.

Juan Madrid mentions Casa Camacho in his novels, called “Bares nocturnos” and “Los hombres mojados no temen la lluvia“. He mentions that the bar had been run by someone with the name Camacho for years, and that he was a militiaman who told his customers war stories.

Its current owners are Jesús, Santiago and Miguel, three brothers from Sanabria who bought the premises in 1980. We can recommend the Dos Yayos (a homemade vermouth and gin). With it you get free tapas (patatas bravas).

Bodega de la Ardosa

This classic nineteenth century tavern, Bodega de la Ardosa, continues to score very well when it comes to quality and service. They learned everything from their Czech master brewers, and their know-how is now being managed by Mr. Gregorio Monje. With his straightforward approach he has really made a lot of friends.

La Ardosa serves excellent food and tapas, made with a certain elegance, like Joselito sausage, extra dried Barbate, an excellent jerky, an exquisite cold foie black pudding, an authentic Cordoban salmorejo, croquettes with Cabrales cheese or prawns, amazing smoked sardines and an original cod salad.

In addition to all this, you can also opt for their excellent selection of pickles, like pickles with herring and Basque chili peppers with anchovies.

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Stop Madrid

bottle of Etim vermouth on table

Photo by Etimonline via Visualhunt

Stop Madrid is located at Calle Hortaleza, 11, and it first opened its doors in 1929. Initially the shop only sold wines, liqueur and cured, dry sausages, but at the end of the 1970s, the shop became a bodega, specialising in researching and tasting wines. These activities still continue, logically, as the hotel and catering industry hasn’t stopped evolving in the last 40 years.

The company has been expanding for the last few years now, and it has opened small taverns specialising in wines and tapas, while staying true to its 30 year old roots in Calle Hortaleza and its loyal clients.

Verbena Bar

Being tired of visiting old bars with the typical interior and lighting that can be both attractive and disturbing, it was now time for a place in the neighbourhood itself, where you could enjoy some lovely tapas and a few good drinks.

And that is the true story behind the start of Verbena Bar, a modern tavern representing a traditional and typical culinary Madrid. You can try several different vermouths in this bar in Malasaña, which is the ultimate bar district, and combine them with delicious tapas.

*Main photo by Wine Dharma via Visualhunt

Which vermouth bar in Madrid can you recommend?

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