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Where to eat the best Madrid stews

Written by Laura

If there is a classic characteristic dish of the kitchen of Madrid, it’s stew, especially one stew that has as main ingredients chickpeas, meats, pork bacon, some sausages like sausage or black pudding and vegetables. It is a dish that shares similarities with other stews and is cooked in other parts of Spain, typical to eat in winter, as it is a calorie-heavy and substantial food. The classic way of serving it is separating in three parts: first, the broth resulting from the cooking. Then they serve the chickpeas, the potato and the vegetables and finally they eat the meat and sausages. This would be the traditional order, but nowadays in most restaurants they serve it in two parts: first the broth and second the chickpeas, the vegetables and the meats all together. Whatever way it is served, eating a good Madrid stew is the best thing on the cold winter days. The team at ShMadrid wants to recommend some restaurants where you can eat the best stews and soups in Madrid.

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Enjoy an authentic Madrileño stew

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In San Lorenzo del Escorial you’ll find the most famous restaurant in terms of stews in Madrid: El Charolés (Floridablanca, 24 – San Lorenzo del Escorial). For more than 30 years they have prepared their stew using only top quality raw materials, and they are connoisseurs of the best of the best that can be eaten when it comes to hardy stews. Another classic that we can find in the capital is the restaurant Casa Lhardy (San Jerónimo, 8 – Madrid). It opened its doors in 1839 and is part of the gastronomic history of the city. In addition, it has been quoted in various works by authors as well known as Azorín or Pérez Galdós. Its best dish is, what else, the Stew Madrid. If you like homestyle but high-quality cooking, Casa Lhardy is a solid bet.

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As long as we’re talking about historic restaurants in Madrid, we can’t forget La Bola (La Bola, 5-Madrid). Their recipe has been around for 150 years but is timeless. The restaurant has been run by the Verdasco family for four generations now, and they continue to prepare the stew in a traditional way and keep some secrets of their exquisite recipe. They claim to have fed the very Ava Gardner herself, and to be the favorite restaurant of Alfonso XII. This temple of Madrid Stew is a must for lovers of this winter dish. Another obligatory place for those who are interested in finding a good stew is Casa Carola (Padilla, 54 – Madrid). This restaurant serves Madrid stew in an open style. You heard us right – in this restaurant, you will be able to eat all the stew you want. They put it in the center of the table so that each one of the diners can choose options to their liking. However, the quantity of stew does not undermine the quality; the stews at this restaurant are some of the best in capital.

Are you looking forward to eating an authentic Madrid stew this winter?

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