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Visit Casa de Campo Park in Madrid

Written by damien

Anyone who has ever lived in a big city, and especially one as dynamic as Madrid, will tell you every now and again even the most thick-skinned city dweller needs to take some time away from the noise and bustle and breathe in the country air. What newcomers to Madrid may not be aware of is that there is a very special part of the countryside not far from the center of the city- and that goes under the name of the Casa de Campo Park and its beautiful lake. Today, ShMadrid will tell you all about Casa de Campo Park.

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Casa de Campo Park

Photo via Visualhunt

Although the Casa de Campo Park is open all year round, veteran Madrid dwellers will tell you that the best time to visit the park is either in the spring or autumn, when the flowers are blooming in the spring or the leaves are just beginning to change color in the autumn. In either season it’s a breathtaking sight. If you are a jogger or even a cyclist, then you will find that the Casa de Campo is one of the most pleasant, as well as the safest places to work out in. The roads in the park generally flat with some inclines, and you will very rarely see a car driving in the park, with those who do are aware that runners and cyclists take priority. For those who like to trek off the roads, there are many excellent nature walks, where you can spend hours exploring the park and its surroundings. If you manage to work up an appetite you be pleased to know that the park is home to four restaurants, all situated around the shores of the lake, offering traditional Spanish food and cold drinks.

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Photo via Pixabay

The Casa de Campo Park also houses beautifully tended grass tennis courts which are generally filled at the weekend with players of all shapes and skill levels. Parts of the lake and also set aside for commercial fish breeding, anyone interested in the subject can go along and have a look and see how it is done. Fishing is a very soothing and calming activity, even when the weather is not very pleasant, that anyone with a stressful job can profit from as a means of relaxation. It can even be done with smaller children, as you can teach them how to tie a knot, you can explain the different types of fish and you can teach them patience and perseverance. Together, you will make many fond memories. And in general, anyone coming to live in Madrid for any length of time will want to spend some time outside of their apartment or home during the days or weekends with lovely weather. So next time the sun shines or there’s a mist above the lake, grab your camera and take yourself and your family outside to visit Casa de Campo Park.

Have you payed Casa de Campo a visit yet? What did you think?

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