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V.O. Cinemas in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

Movie lovers will always feel the magic of watching a good movie in a real cinema. Being nervous at the start, listening to surround sound, looking at the cinema’s quality screens and nibbling on some freshly popped, salted popcorn… Going to the movies is a ritual, and it cannot be compared to watching a movie at home, although, of course, this can also have its advantages.

But if there is one kind of cinema that cinephiles love, one kind that keeps people from downloading premiere movies, then it is a V.O. cinema. V.O. stands for ‘Version Original’ in Spanish, and this version allows you to enjoy the true essence of the characters and story of a movie. It can also contribute to improving your language.

Sometimes seeing a movie in its original version even helps to understand a storyline more in depth.

So today, this article by ShMadrid will focus on the best V.O. cinemas to watch a movie in the Spanish capital.

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Enjoy movies at V.O. cinemas in Madrid

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Movies in their original version are special, and they often represent the essence the director wants to portray on screen much better.

There are many critics of dubbed movies, as it takes away some of a movie’s or television programme’s core value. They claim that the original soundtrack (when musicals or movies with songs have been dubbed) and original characters’ voices are exactly what the director intended for the movie. So why mess with them?

One of the most controversial dubbings in the history of Spanish cinema was in The Shining, directed by Spanish movie director Carlos Saura and originally produced by Stanley Kubrick. Its voice overs were done by actors Joaquín Hinojosa and Verónica Forqué, and neither of them were unfortunately very good at doing voice overs…

There are also those who say dubbing with original subtitles causes screen contamination, as you may lose nuances in both text and script. It causes distractions with the viewer and contributes to losing the connection with the essence of a story. Those in favour of dubbing (with subtitles) say it helps children and visually impaired persons to better understand a movie.

Whether you prefer dubbing or not, real movie lovers would rather see the original version of a movie, and that is why theatres offer V.O. movies. It is a means to attract a more constant number of visitors to the movie theatre throughout the whole year.

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Cine Renoir

There are three Renoir cinemas in Madrid, more specifically in the area of Retiro, Princesa and Plaza España. These centrally located cinemas with excellent facilities and the most cutting-edge innovations in image and sound, offer a variety of premiere movies.

Cines Verdi Madrid

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The leading cinema showing movies in its original version is Cines Verdi. This cinema can be found in the neighbourhood of Chamberí at Calle Bravo Murillo 28, near the centre of the capital.

Cines Verdi not only offers a large range of premiere movies, but also several beautiful and spectacular documentaries.

Besides these, Cines Verdi also shows independent movies in their original version, which is ideal for anyone in search for a more intimate and profound movie experience and anyone who avoids blockbusters or Hollywood’s commercial movies.

Yelmo Cines

Yelmo Cines is another classic cinema that offers movies in its original version. It has been doing so for decades. With a similar concept to Cines Verdi, its programme offers independent and European movies and premiere documentaries. Some of them are a bit more commercial than others.

Is there another cinema in Madrid that you can recommend for watching the original version of a movie?

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