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Where to Do a Wine Tasting in Madrid

Written by Daniella

For those who like wine, a wine tasting experience is one of the best gifts to get. This activity that is fashionable among winelovers, has become one of the most interesting activities, to discover some of our best gastronomic treasures. The experience becomes a full day event when you visit the winery. You don’t just taste the wine, you also learn about the vineyards and the wine producing facilities. Today, ShMadrid will tell you where you can do wine tastings in Madrid.

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Spend your day tasting the best wines

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There are many experiences that include a wine tasting, from activities related to well-being, culture or sports, and they can be done in groups or individually. During a wine tasting, the senses of smell and sight are used, as well as taste, of course. For this reason, the place where the tasting takes place must meet a series of requirements, such as a quiet space, well ventilated, with good lighting, a pleasant temperature, without being too hot or cold, and without strong odors. All this contributes to the tasting being carried out in the best conditions. It is also important that the elements used to do the tasting meet a series of requirements: the glass must comply with ISO Standard 3591-1977, and ix called an Afnor glass. Another curiosity is that the tasting room, as the space where the wine tasting will take place is called, should be of a light color, both walls and furniture. The wines, of course, must be at the most adequate temperature, so that a tasting can be performed correctly. As we mentioned at the beginning, during a wine tasting the sense of sight is used, since we must recognize the type of fluid through its color, brightness and cleanliness.

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Taste, of course, has a dominant role during a wine tasting, analyzing the basic flavors of wine: acid, salt, bitter and sweet. Depending on the period of time in which the taste of the fluid remains in our mouth, the wine has a low, medium or high persistence. Smell is also important during a wine tasting. With this sense, we can analyze the type of grape used, the degree of alcohol and age, whether it has been done in barrels, bottles or in both. If you want to know where you can do a wine tasting, you can take a look at the website of Gourmet Madrid, where you will find many different options, that include wine tasting in the region of Madrid. Another option is to book a wine tasting provided by offers on the famous Aladinia discount page. But if you would like to learn everything related to wine tasting and become a professional, do not miss Aula Española del Vino, which is absolutely dedicated to winelovers.

What place would you recommend for a wine tasting experience?

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