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Kundalini Yoga in Madrid

Written by Miguel

It seems that almost everyone is doing yoga these days, doesn’t it? It makes sense, too – we live in such busy times, our mind and body are bound to need a relaxing break from all the overwhelming amounts of information and activity we subject them to.

Not everyone is doing the same kind of yoga, though – this ancient Indian practice has many variations and disciplines, each one responding to different personal needs and guided by its unique principles. One type of yoga that is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world is Kundalini Yoga. Madrid is a great place to practice this form of yoga since it has many different studios that offer classes on it – but first, let us tell you all about it…

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What is Kundalini Yoga?

Photo by RelaxingMusic via Visualhunt

Photo by RelaxingMusic via Visualhunt

This particular type of Yoga is based on the concept of Kundalini, a “cosmic energy” believed by its proponents to be located at the base of the human spine. Going from there, Kundalini Yoga is the practice of mastering that energy in order to achieve a kind of “enlightenment”, boosting the practitioner’s understanding of the world around them and consequently improving their quality of life.

The goals of Kundalini Yoga are achieved through posturing, breathing exercises, muscular contractions, cleansing rituals, hand positions and the chanting of mantras. If you’re not at all interested in the spiritual side of yoga, don’t worry – Kundalini is still an effective relaxation exercise and will allow you to learn a wider range of positions and techniques that will enrich your overall yoga practice. So, all you need to know now is where to do it in Madrid, right? Here you go:

Studio Kundalini Yoga

Led by Chilean instructor Paz Castro, Studio Kundalini Yoga has been open for over 15 years, during which it helped improve the physical health and mental fitness of countless students. Offering classes on not only Kundalini but also other types of yoga, as well as courses and workshops in meditation and other related practices, it is one of Madrid’s best resources if you’re interested in increasing your knowledge and decreasing your stress.

Address: Calle de Fuencarral, 147.

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Centro Aquario Yoga

Photo by TinyTall via Visualhunt

Photo by TinyTall via Visualhunt

Another one of the best places to learn yoga in Madrid, Acuario has comfortable facilities, friendly staff and a nice variety of classes and services. In addition to Kundalini Yoga, it also offers Naad Yoga classes, yoga-based massages and numerology guidance. With dedicated classes for children, it’s also a great choice if you’re looking to introduce your kids to the practice of yoga.

Address: Calle de Marcenado, 31.

Suria Kundalini Yoga

Suria covers much more than just yoga – with an offer that includes natural therapies, Reiki, astrology and I-ching, it’s a highly recommend school for those interested in ancient spiritual philosophies and practices. When it comes to Kundalini Yoga, its program is comprehensive, deep and administered by experienced instructors. A great place to start diving into this fascinating yoga variant.

Address: Paseo de las Yeserías, 41.

There you have it, now you know where to practice Kundalini Yoga in Madrid. Which of these places are you going to try first? As always, let us know using the comment box below.

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