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Qi Gong classes in Madrid

Written by Miguel
Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Of all the physical activities you can find in Madrid to spend your time and improve your well-being, Qi Gong is perhaps the most fascinating.

Also commonly known as Chi Kung, this traditional Chinese practice combines body posture, slow flowing movements and meditation to achieve a state of harmony and balance the Chi, believed in ancient cultures to be an energy present in all living things.  According to those beliefs, Qi Gong helps unlock human potential by stimulating higher awareness and connecting us with our true nature.

If this description has piqued your curiosity, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where to go if you’re looking for Qi Gong classes in Madrid:

Centro Wutang Madrid

Dedicated to ancient Chinese traditions and techniques, Centro Wutang teaches not only Qi Gong but also Tai Chi Chuan and Jin Shin Jiutsu. Specializing in meditation and well-being, it’s a great place for those looking to learn how to strip away all the stress and the worries in order to lead a more “zen” life. In addition to classes in the above-mentioned disciplines, this centre regularly holds conferences and workshops on themes such as Buddhism and mindfulness. Highly recommended for those interested in Oriental philosophies and practices.

Address: Calle Zabaleta, 30.

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Escuela Superior de Chiking Taichi Haoquing Liu

Led by Master Haoquing Liu, who has been teaching ancient Chinese techniques in Spain since 1985, this school runs daily classes from Monday to Saturday. With small groups and individual attention granted to all students, the sessions are adapted to all skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners. Teaching a mix of Qi Gong and Tai Chi, this school will equip you with a comprehensive set of techniques and postures that you’ll be able to use whenever you need to relax, helping you cope more effectively with stress and anxiety.

Address: Calle de Modesto Lafuente Nº10 Bajo C.

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Professor Laura

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

A freelance Qi Gong teacher, Laura provides classes aimed at improving both your physical and emotional health. Each session consists of silent meditation, classic Qi Gong exercises and relaxation techniques. Lessons can be administered either at Laura’s house or through a webcam. To learn more about Laura’s experience and book a class, visit her profile at Superprof.

Address: Near Puerta del Ángel. A complete address will be provided once you book a session.

Now that you know about Qi Gong and where to practice it in Madrid, are you going to try it? Let us know using the comment box below. May your life be relaxed and full of harmony!

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