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Why rent an apartment in the district of Ciudad Lineal in Madrid?

The district of Ciudad Lineal is one of many districts belonging to the metropolitan area of the city of Madrid. It is a very diverse district with different types of housing, from residential buildings and apartment blocks to single-family houses. That is why, if your plan of moving to Madrid includes your family, rent an apartment in Ciudad Lineal is a great deal.

At first the idea was to turn this area into some kind of a garden city, a project that unfortunately did not really get off the ground, mainly because of the distance from Madrid’s city centre.

But despite this, the district of Ciudad Lineal is really an excellent example of a district that is integrated with the centre of the city, it is well connected and has many services.

If you are considering renting an apartment in Madrid, then deciding to do this in the district of Ciudad Lineal can be an excellent decision if you are looking to live in a quiet, residential area.

Discover the district of Ciudad Lineal with ShMadrid

The district of Ciudad Lineal is one of Madrid’s peripheral areas, and urban planner Arturo Soria had an idea and became the designer of the project that started in 1886. His objective was to turn the district into a rural area and to develop it into more of a countryside.

In the end, the project expanded through a larger part of the city by realizing an axis of infrastructure (with Calle Arturo Soria and Avenida de la Institución Libre de Enseñanza as evidence of this) and adding trams and basic neighbourhood services at its stops and single-family houses for a better quality of life.

But only part of the whole project was executed. The main idea behind the project was then to make a certain zone surrounding Madrid. Nowadays Ciudad Lineal has been integrated into the city’s urban landscape, and in it you will find commercial zones, residential areas and a good public transport network.

If you prefer living in a spacious area that is well connected, has all the important services and is still residential, then the neighbourhoods in the district of Ciudad Lineal will be perfect for you.

If you decide to rent your apartment in Ventas-La Elipa, for example, you can visit the beautiful Cementerio de la Almudena and pay homage to the tomb of the famous flamenco singer Lola Flores 'La Faraona'. You can also visit another tourist attraction in this neighbourhood: Parque de La Elipa.

If you want a neighbourhood that is better connected by the city’s metro network, then you can opt for renting an apartment in Pueblo Nuevo.

It has seven metro stops:

  • Quintana
  • Pueblo Nuevo
  • Ciudad Lineal
  • García Noblejas
  • Ascao
  • Alsace
  • La Almudena

Another interesting option for your stay in the Spanish capital is renting an apartment in Quintana. Discover Parque El Calero and football field La Concepción in this neighbourhood.

You can also rent your apartment in Concepción. It shares Parque El Calero with its neighbouring Quintana, and you can do your daily shopping at the renovated Mercado de Las Ventas.

Another excellent option is to rent your flat in San Pascual, an area that is ideal for executives, as it is home to major corporations, such as Warner Bros Entertainment Spain, Iberia and other important institutions, like the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.

On the other side of the Avenida América you can rent your apartment in San Juan Bautista, a rectangular-shaped neighbourhood between the Avenida Ramon y Cajal and Calle de Arturo Soria. If you decide to stay in this neighbourhood you will be able to visit la Parroquia San Juan Bautista, the church the neighbourhood got its name from.

If you follow Calle de Arturo Soria, there is another part of Madrid that is really ideal for living. By renting apartment flat in Colina, you will reside in a neighbourhood that borders the ring road M-30. This neighbourhood is lovely for strolling through its lower housing blocks and the Plaza de la Ciudad de Salta’s green zones.

If you keep on following Calle de Arturo Soria, you can rent your apartment in Atalaya. You can visit Arturo Soria’s Monument inside the Bosque Pequeño de Cedros in this neighbourhood.

Your last option is to rent an apartment in Costillares, and this is an fantastic decision for you and your family, because of excellent connections with metro line 1 and 4 at metro station Pinar de Chamartín.

What to see in the district of Ciudad Lineal?

There are several interesting sights to see in the district of Ciudad Lineal, such as the famous La Almudena cemetery, which is Madrid’s main graveyard. There are numerous pantheons, tombs, chapels and artistic monuments.

The oldest objects you see here are from the late nineteenth century and interesting sculptural and architectural constructions are of various styles (Neo-Gothic, Neo-Romanesque, eclecticism, modernism, Neo-Classicism).

These elements decorate the entire complex. In this cemetery, you can see illustrious pantheons and mausoleums, such as the one of the Viscounts of Llanteno (with mysterious details of Mesopotamian and Egyptian influence), the one from the Zorrilla Alaber family (modernist style) and the poet Quintana’s tomb.

Another unique building is the one AGF Management Limited, also known as "Los Cubos". Architecturally speaking this is an inspiring construction, and you can go and observe if you rent an apartment in Ciudad Lineal.

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