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Audiobook Platforms For Relaxing and Multitasking

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Audiobooks are books that you can listen to as a narration through an app or other platform, and although hardcore book lovers may be suspicious of this style of “reading”, this new way to enjoy books does have undeniable advantages. Those who denounce audiobooks would say that you are not technically advancing your lexicon or readings skills by simply listening, and you have less of a personal connection with the physical book, an aspect of reading that some people greatly value. However, there is something to be said for having a book read to you, as if someone is storytelling and you get to just listen and enjoy. The advantages of this book platform include accessibility, as you can listen easily on public transit or simply walking around, and you can enjoy a book on a train or while driving without having to worry about feeling sick. Today in this article from ShMadrid we’ll be talking about some of the other advantages as well as platforms of audiobooks, the new way to enjoy reading.

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Audiobooks, a new form of entertainment and leisure

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For many people, reading is a particularly enjoyable and relaxing activity, as it provides an escape from everyday life  and allows you to root your feet in a whole other world. However, many people find it hard to focus on reading or don’t find time to read. Some know that reading on public transit, for example, causes them to feel nauseous. Audiobooks are a good solution to many of these barriers that people face with reading and they allow a much wider range of people, including those who are illiterate or not very advanced in reading skills, to enjoy this form of entertainment. It can also be more interesting and captivating for some people to experience an audiobook rather than reading a physical book as many audio stories are narrated by captivating voices that draw you into the story.

Another advantage of audiobooks is the fact that you can experience a story while doing other things. In this way it is similar to listening to the radio or enjoying music – you can drive, clean, workout, do crafts or take a walk while also letting yourself be swept away in a story. While reading a physical book is enjoyable in its own way, the benefits of being able to multitask while listening to a book are undeniable. The distracting element of audiobooks is also beneficial when you are working out – if you are someone who needs to listen to loud music to distract from the effort of running, for example, you may want to try out listening an audiobook as an alternative. 

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There are a variety of platforms on which you can download different audiobooks, whether you enjoy classics, historical fiction, new releases or autobiographies. ivoox is an app that is available for smartphones and tablets where you can find all types of audio content related to sports, science, culture and leisure. You can also listen to different radio stations, various types of music, and of course, a wide selection of audiobooks! Another option is Planeta Libros. With this platform, you can enjoy a large number of audiobooks organized by theme, as well as news editorials. After downloading this app, you’ll be eager to immerse yourself in all the marvelous works it has to offer. Lastly, you can enjoy some of the best audiobooks on Sonolibro, an exclusive audiobook platform with a great variety of books organized by topics and genres. Now that the holidays are around the corner, you can settle in for a cozy day around the house while listening to the book you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had the time for. Happy reading!

Do you listen to audiobooks? When is your favorite time to listen to them?

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