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Autumn Landscapes in Madrid

Written by Laura

Autumn is a special season when it comes to landscapes. The light of the sun changes during this season and comes back with a light, languid warmth. The sun’s rays are less intense and don’t endure for as long into the day, making the earlier sunsets an even more spectacular event. The leaves of the trees, which once were green, now transform into new shades little by little and become a symphony of colors at the end of their lives. Many would even say that autumn is when the trees are the most beautiful, with the contrast of maroons, oranges, yellows and reds. The ground is covered with leaves, slightly wet as the weather gets more unstable and the rain begins to fill more and more of the days. Today in this article from ShMadridwe will be talking about the most beautiful autumn landscapes there are to enjoy in the Comunidad de Madrid.

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Natural autumn marvels in Madrid

Photo via Pixabay

The first place we recommend is one of the most beautiful parks in Spain. You know which one we are talking about, keeping in mind that we are talking about beautiful autumn landscapes in Madrid. Buen Retiro Park is an excellent example of how the parks become embellished with the welcoming colors of fall. This marvelous park, one of the largest urban parks in Europe, shows off its best features in the fall when the autumn sunset sends soft light though the Palacio de Cristal, a building constructed in 1887 for the Exhibition of the Philippine Islands. We recommend taking a ride in one of the boats that float through the waves of the park’s pond, and walking on the paved streets away from the whirling traffic to reach a state of tranquility during this busy season.

The Hayedo de Montejo is another memorable autumn landscape that is worth visiting. A natural site of national interest, this beautiful spot halfway between Madrid and Guadalajara is a Biosphere Reserve controlled ecosystem that makes life its main focus, just kilometers away from from the Jarama river. The excursion to Hayedo is very accessible, taking only an hour, and allows you to see examples of species over 400 years old. You can enjoy the beautiful birch trees, rowans, and heather plants, and you may also run into wild boar, fox or roe deer.

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Photo by adina*raul via VisualHunt

Lastly, we want to talk about one of the most beautiful routes in Madrid: the Puerto de Canencia, a port that forms part of the Sierra de Guadarrama. To get there, you should first go by car or bus to the town of Canencia and then begin the tour on foot for about nine kilometers, until you reach the top of the port. On this path, you can see the Albergue del Hornillo, the Chorrera de Mojonavalle and the arroyo del Sestil. An unforgettable day of hiking through one of the most beautiful spots you can see in the autumn of Madrid.

*Main photo by Stanley Zimny via Visual hunt

Have you gone on any of these routes? Are there any other autumn landscapes you recommend visiting in Madrid?

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