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Common Flowers of Madrid

Written by Laura

Each region in Spain has a specific, unique flower that it is known for. Although some species of flowers choose their time to bloom during other seasons, the flowers that appear during Madrid’s spring arrive in joyful color and fill the landscapes of the areas surrounding the city. The beauty of these flowers ranges from more dramatic and attention-grabbing, providing a stunning view, to more subtle and delicate plants, whose quiet beauty makes them even more stunning. Many different species of flowers adorn the hillsides, parks and gardens of the city with their splendor and aroma, and in this article from ShMadrid we want to tell you about the common types of flowers found in Madrid.

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Discover the beauty of Madrid’s flowers

Photo via Pixabay

Madrid’s climate is key to understanding the types of flowers that grow in this area. For starters, the plains of Madrid, including the foothills and plateaus, feature a Mediterranean climate, meaning that the winters are cold, with temperatures under 8ºC or below freezing at times, and the summers are hot and dry. At higher elevations, on the other hand, the mountain climate causes cold winters and mild summers, along with rain throughout the year.

In regards to plants found in the piedmonts and plateaus of Madrid, we find an abundance of aromatic plants such as thyme, whose flowers bloom in spring, and rosemary, which blooms throughout most of the year. You can also enjoy the undergrowth of rockrose, large white flowers that grow in forests of holm and cork oaks in Mediterranean and sub-mediterranean climates. Close to streams and other fluvial areas grows the wolfsbane flower, a herbaceous plant with blueish-purple flowers. Among the forests and meadows of the area grows ragwort, a plant that thrives in humidity and blossoms with tiny yellow flowers.

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Photo via Pixabay

Growing close to these are bluebells, which, as their name indicates, are frequently blue, although they can also be white or pink. Cherry blossoms are another common blossom in springtime, found in humid forests and fluvial paths, similarly to the wild cherry trees in bloom. The great yellow gentian, a plant native to alpine and subalpine meadows, blooms generously, covering itself in small yellow and orange flowers. Between the cracks in the rocks grows the Paular geranium, which produces rich pink flowers. Don’t be fooled by the strange name of the butterwort, which sprouts near streams and wet rocks – it ends up blooming with delicate purple flowers. Daffodils grow in open fields between rocks and are one of the most well-known and loved plants due to the beauty of their flowers. Lemon balm is another beautiful example located in open forests, with beautiful flared pink flowers. These are just some of the gorgeous examples of flowers that you can enjoy in the Comunidad de Madrid.

Do you know another type of flower commonly found to Madrid? Leave us your suggestions and opinions in the comments below!

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