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Where To Practice Rafting Near Madrid

Written by Brian S.

The common life of people is usually quite gray and anodyne unless you are a Russian spy or video game tester, in which case the chances of getting bored are greatly reduced. But since the spy vacancies in Infojobs are scarce, the vast majority have normal jobs, with normal people and the most exciting thing that usually happens is to run out through a stormy night. For that reason, some of them need a certain level of excitement to give their lives something that boosts with energy. And that’s how adventure sports emerged, exciting activities, some of them not suitable for ducks, which imply a certain more or less controlled danger. That sweet restlessness that provokes feeling at the mercy of the elements is what feeds the adrenaline that runs through the veins of those addicted to strong emotions. Rafting is one of those activities, and at ShMadrid we want to show you where you can practice it near Madrid.

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Photo via Pixabay

Rafting is a very fun activity that is practiced when the rivers start to rise again when the snow melts from the mountain peaks, causing the rivers to raging again in the spring. An inflatable boat is used and the intrepid crew sits on the edges of this along with an instructor. After some vital instructions for survival, the boat is carried away by a raging current. No rafting trip is the same as the previous one. This spectacular adventure can be experienced by Aventur. They are about 2 hours from the city of Madrid.

Photo via Pixabay

Multiaventura Buendía

Practicing rafting can be addictive. Once you’ve done it once you want to repeat, as long as it’s good, of course. When you start, you are aware that you can fall from the boat, in fact, it is more than common that every half minute some clueless adventurer try the cold waters of the river descents. But there it is, always swift and fast, the instructor, holding on to you while going down dangerous waters.  At Multiaventura Buendía, you can find your particular god descending rivers near Cuenca, not far from Madrid.

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Aventura Madrid

Photo via Pixabay

Undoubtedly, rafting is an unforgettable experience, with which you can enjoy exceptional landscapes. To carry it out, you will get a neoprene that will protect you from the water’s cold temperature and possible scratches in the boat’s falls, always brief thanks to the professionalism of the instructors. If you have never put on a neoprene, you will see that it is something a tad complicated, since it must be completely adjusted to the body and come out as a prophylactic. You may need help to put it on and take it from you; a helmet and a life jacket complete the clothing of the perfect rafting boat crew, safety first and foremost. In Aventura Madrid you can descend down the River Cabriel with your adventurous uniform, the adrenaline rush is included in the price.

Have you practiced rafting? Tell us about your experience!

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