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Where to go bungee jumping in Madrid

Written by Paula

There are a variety of ways to get your heart racing, like exercising, watching an exciting movie, or even simply meeting the person you are in love with. If you enjoy the adrenaline that is produced in your body when your heart starts working overtime, then you should definitely try bungee jumping in Madrid.

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HighJump – Salto Límite

Photo via Pixabay

HighJump is a company in Madrid that offers bungee jumping and five other similar experiences. If you choose bungee jumping, you will fall from 65 meters high and bounce up and down while probably screaming for your life. Another option is high jumping, in which you will drop from 20 meters high, which is a little less intimidating than the 65 meters in bungee jumping. High jumping is different from bungee jumping, in the sense that you will swing back and forth, while in bungee jumping you will shoot straight down. Rope jumping uses the same concept of bungee jumping, but it usually takes places in a natural setting like a canyon, for example. Puenting is a good option for beginners since the jump is only 25 meters high. For those who need someone to hold their hand to get the courage to jump, there is puenting tandem, which allows two people to jump together. One of the most daring options offered by HighJump is Bipuenting, which feels like a double bungee jumping session. You are dropped to a certain height and left to dangle upside down for a couple of seconds and then, before you have had the chance to recover, you are dropped even lower.

Prices: Puenting – 35€, Puenting tandem – 80€, Bipuenting – 50€, High jump – 50€, Bungee jumping – 50€, Rope Jumping – 200€, 2-jump pack – 85€, Video pack – 135€, HD video – 25€.

Paddle in Spain

Photo via Pixabay

Paddle in Spain was a company created in 2006, with the objective of promoting the Catalan Pyrenees as a holiday destination and to make use of the beautiful Noguera Pallaresa river for a variety of water sports. The company wanted to offer a meeting point between kayakers, adventurers and all people looking to have an enjoyable outdoors experience. Paddle in Spain offers activities such as white water kayaking, sea kayaking, diving, windsurfing, canyoning, kitesurfing and bungee jumping (which is limited to the season, between April and October). If you want to know the prices of each activity, don’t hesitate to contact Paddle in Spain on their official website.

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Madrid Puenting

Photo via Pixabay

Madrid Puenting is a company connected to HighJump, offering a number of jumping experiences. You can try bungee jumping, dropping 30 meters down, high jumping, dropping 20 meters down and swinging back and forth like a pendulum, puenting, which is very similar and can also be done with a partner, and rope jumping, which offers you the opportunity to experience something like base jumping, dropping 40 meters down.

Prices: Puenting – 25€, Puenting tandem – 60€, Bungee jumping – 50€, High jumping – 50€, Rope jumping – 100€, Balloon bungee jumping – 120€, Rope jumping in Montanejos – 150€, 2-jump pack – 70€, Video pack – 90€, 10-jump pack – 300€, HD video – 15€, HD video pro – 40€, HD video for groups – 15€.

Ready to get your heart pounding? Then just choose a company and jump!

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