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Neighborhoods of Madrid: Retiro, Salesas and Aeropuerto-Feria de Madrid

Written by Laura

Madrid is known for being a cultural center in Europe. When it comes to art, music and design, its multiple creative manifestations have completely modified the Spanish cultural scene, as was the case for the illustrious Movida Madrileña, where pop and rock groups, singer-songwriters, filmmakers and artists of Madrid in the ‘80s all found a common ground together to develop their potential. As the capital of Spain, Madrid has always been avant-garde when it comes to a variety of movements and initiatives, and made itself into the epicenter of different social and cultural movements, largely in part to the vibrant life found in each of its neighborhoods. Today in this article from ShMadrid, we’ll be talking about the Retiro, Saesas and Aeropuerto-Feria de Madrid neighborhoods of Madrid.

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Retiro, romanticism in a park

Photo by Aris Gionis via VisualHunt

In this neighborhood of Madrid, it’s impossible not to highlight the park for which the neighborhood is named. Buen Retiro Park was originally the property of the Catholic kings in the 15th and 16th centuries, but the park as we know it now was designed and came into existence much later, at the end of the 19th century. Due to the capital’s dense population, the park space was widened to its current dimensions, turning it into one of the largest urban parks in Europe. Outside of Buen Retiro Park, the streets of the Retiro neighborhood maintain their unique designs that are similar to the streets of Salamanca, with perpendicular streets, wide sidewalks that make it easier to pass through and a variety of stores and hostels. With its proximity to the city center, the neighborhood also connects its residential area to an impressive commercial areaWith its enticing characteristics, the neighborhood has transformed over time into one of the principal business zones of the city.

Enjoy the city’s outskirts in Aeropuerto-Feria de Madrid

Photo via VisualHunt

This neighborhood is located in the outskirts of the capital and has a lot to offer. The Aeropuerto-Feria neighborhood is a space dedicated to fair events in which those from IFEMA have a predominant role. Here, over 80 feria celebrations take place per year. In addition, the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid, Feria de Madrid, el Parque Juan Carlos and the Parque del Capricho, one of the most beautiful parks in the capital, are some of the other attractions you can find in the Aeropuerto-Feria neighborhood.

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Las Salesas neighborhood, Madrid’s small but booming commercial area

The las Salesas neighborhood is a small neighborhood in Madrid that has continued to be highlighted as a touristic and commercial destination in the capital. Its architectural jewel is the Convento de la Visitación de Nuestra Señora, although the majority of people know it as the Convento de las Salesas Reales. This complex architectural masterpiece, which serves as a convent, church and palace, is an elegant manifestation of 18th century art where many monarchs have been buried. At the commercial level, the neighborhood is filled with international brand stores and independent designers. The area’s many boutiques add to the feeling of glamour and elegance in the neighborhood, similar to that of the Salamanca district, but in las Salesas spontaneity and creativity are valued above more classical elements. Another point of interest is the Salesas Village market which is organized on a regular basis throughout the year.

*Main photo by La Citta Vita via VisualHunt

Do you know these neighborhoods? Are there other attractions worth highlighting that we left out?

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