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Original Summer Activities in Madrid

hot air balloon seen from below
Written by Daniella

It cannot be denied that Madrid is a lively city with lots happening, but in summer – and mainly during the months of July and August – the city becomes more quiet, and anyone who is staying in the city then, can enjoy all the possibilities the city has to offer. So even if it there is less hustle and bustle than usual, there are still many interesting activities to explore during summer.

So today, the team from ShMadrid has come up with a list of interesting and original activities, in order for you to have a splendid summer in one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Resist the heat and try some of these authentic activities!

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Experiencing original summer activities in Madrid

ballerina with blue decor

Photo via Pixabay

Some say Madrid is deserted in summer, but that is not actually true… There are many people looking forward to these months, when Veranos de la Villa is being organized.

This agenda with cultural activities starts in June and lasts for a few months. You can enjoy many different kinds of activities, such a concerts, dance performances, theatre and lots more. And what’s best of all, is that you can visit almost every of these activities free of charge.

Outdoor cinemas may not sound that attractive to you, but Autocine Madrid RACE will certainly change that, as it will fill your weekends with good movies and a lovely atmosphere.

If you are a passionate moviegoer, you shouldn’t miss this outdoor cinema. And of course it’s also lots of fun for families with children, or for anyone who wants to be able to look up at a starry sky and see the best actors on a big screen.

You may have already heard of Madrid Rio, the city’s “urban beach”. This is not your ordinary beach, but it does offer a way to have fun, and you will be able to resist the heat much better. There are several shallow water basins with water jets splashing water in a certain rhythm. Visit this unique location with friends during the summer, and save some money on your summer budget too, because there are no entrance fees for Madrid Rio. Opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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four ice cubes

Photo via Pixabay

Let’s be clear on our objectives for summer: we try to stay cool as much as we can, and this place called Ice Bar fits perfectly into our plans, as it is made of ice.

This is the best location to have a drink and cool down at the same time. You will feel energized and ready to withstand the heat that you will face outside again. You can find Ice Bar in the heart of Madrid, just 300 meters from Puerta del Sol.

Our next idea is very interesting, but a little bit more unusual… If you like adventures, you will not say no to this activity, but if you are afraid of heights and are not willing to face your fears yet, you will probably feel safer taking pictures from the event with both feet on solid ground.

The activity we are suggesting is flying a hot air balloon. Can you imagine a summer activity any more original than this? It is easy to find a hot air balloon company that will provide you with a lovely view from high up in the air.

Just use Google to find the company and the location you want to observe from above. What about, for example, seeing the Sierra de Guadarrama and its astonishing nature from inside a hot air balloon? If you were short on ideas on how to spend your summer in Madrid, you now have new inspiration, whether it’s from the air or doing something else to make the most of Madrid’s long days and pleasant nights.

Do you know other original summer activities for a special summer?

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