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Ultralight Flying in Madrid

Written by Daniella

There are many possibilities to have fun adventures in Madrid, that will fill a whole Saturday or Sunday. If there is something that human beings have always wanted to do, it is being able to fly. Flying is a spectacular, exciting activity that brings a wonderful sense of freedom. That is why there are several ways to allow people to have that experience and fly through the skies, from flying in a balloon, paragliding, flying an airplane or flying an ultralight aircraft. That’s why ShMadrid will tell you all about where you can enjoy an ultralight flight near the capital.

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Flying like a bird near Madrid

Photo via Pixabay

An ultralight aircraft is a device called an aerodyne, an aircraft that was conceived for sport and tourist flights, it’s lightweight and therefore low consumption. The aircraft can be a single-seater or a two-seater and is single-engine, but there are more different models. The reason for the appearance of these types of aircraft, is that many people who love the recreational flight wanted to enjoy their hobby in a more affordable way. For this reason they began constructing aerodynes in the 70s, since they were much cheaper devices to build and maintain. They also were ideal for people who like to practice their flying hobby, because you can acquire an ultralight aircraft or rent one for a fairly economic price. Nowadays it is necessary to have an Ultralight Aircraft Pilot License. Due to great security deficiencies, regulations have been made to handle this type of aircraft. So now it is obligatory to have this license. If you like to fly and you think it is one of the most exciting activities to do, try flying an ultralight aircraft. Of course you can try to get the pilot certificate, so that you can fly the ultralight aircraft yourself whenever you want, but you can also hire tourist flights with different companies, that will make you enjoy the journey up in the air in full.

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Photo via Pixabay

If you have already decided and you think it is very interesting to enjoy this activity near the city of Madrid, we will share three options to choose from, to fly in an ultralight aircraft near the capital. The first one is Eolomarketing. They have several tandem airplanes, for passenger and instructor or pilot, paragliding activities and – for an experience with less speed – hot air balloon flights. The aerodynes are light and simple, which makes the experience absolutely special and very similar to the flight of a bird. The devices can reach up to 80 km / hour, so these are considered slow flights. This way you can enjoy the scenery in a spectacular way. On the Yumping website you can also select different adventurous activities near the capital, including ultralight aircraft flights. The last option is the company GoldenMoments. They offer you different alternatives to enjoy a flight near the capital. When you choose the ultralight aircraft, the journey takes 15 minutes at a price of 55 euros. Now anyone can fulfill their dream of flying over the outskirts of Madrid.

Have you ever flown an ultralight aircraft?

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