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How to find Americans in Madrid

Written by Miguel
Photo via Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

What does one always miss the most when living abroad? It’s not the weather, the culture, the food or the TV – it’s the people. Not only your relatives, loved ones and close friends, but also your fellow countrymen in general. There’s a set of shared experiences and values that is particular to those raised in a specific country, and no matter how much you like the locals in your new home, the connection is never exactly the same.

Now, if you’re an American living in Madrid, this won’t be an issue for you at all! It might be if you move to some obscure country in the middle of nowhere – but not in the capital of Spain, where there are large communities of expats from nations all over the world, including your own. So, not only you get the Spanish experience, you can feel right at home at the same time – what could be better? It’s the best of both worlds or, in this case, countries.

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With that said, it might be hard to get started, so to make sure you can find and get involved with the American communities of Madrid right off the bat, let us point you in the right directions:


Photo by via VisualHunt

Photo by via VisualHunt

The Expat Americans group on Meetup organizes regular meetings, most notably their “American Sundays” which often include watching NFL games. The group is growing more and more every week and at this point includes not only Americans, but plenty of expats from other countries and even many Spaniards as well. Although Americans and American activities are at the centre of it, the group has become its own vibrant international community. Seems like a great place for you to make some new friends! Joining is easy – just visit the group’s page for event information and… show up!


Created with the goal of connecting expats in cities all over the world, the Internations network is a great tool when it comes to finding other Americans in Madrid.  Reach people directly, join scheduled events or organize your own – planning on hosting a big American BBQ in your backyard? We’re sure you’ll find plenty of excited guests here!

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Photo via Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

Americans in Madrid is largest Madrid community on the Expat website – that should tell you something, right? Joining this platform will not only allow you to to easily connect with other expatriates from your country, but it will also give you access to plenty of useful information. If you have doubts about stuff like transferring money from or to home, traveller’s insurance and other bureaucratic issues, this website is a great resource.

That’s it! Now you can have both the comforts of being amongst your own and the excitement of living abroad in Madrid. We hope you meet plenty of people of all nationalities while you stay in Spain and have an overall enjoyable experience! And of course, let us know all about it using the comment box below. Have fun!

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