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Best Areas in Madrid to Find Work

Written by damien

If you are fortunate enough to find yourself living in the beautiful and exciting city of Madrid, the next step after you have settled in one the fantastic furnished apartments and studios that you found through ShMadrid, the next stage will be to find somewhere to work and earn some money to enjoy the varied entertainment that Madrid will afford you.

Depending on the level of your qualifications and work experience, there are a large number of job opportunities available in Madrid, which is the financial and commercial capital of all of Spain, as well as being one of the leading business hubs of Europe.

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Work opportunities in Madrid’s different districts

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If you have experience and are interested in working in the finance market, you need to be heading towards Azca which is the principal financial district of the city in the  neighbourhood of Cuatro Caminos. Your first impression of this region may be that you have arrived by mistake in Manhattan, because the area is full of high-rise office buildings, the most outstanding being the Torre Picasso, which stands at more than 150 m tall.

Azca will also provide job opportunities for those who fancy working in commerce as there are some fairly formidable department stores in the region. Another region that houses a dynamic financial is the Cuatro Torres Business Area, which is largely an overspill from Azca, and has a much smaller footprint.

However, Cuatro Torres provides jobs for thousands of Madrid residents because of its remarkable high-rise concept dominated by the Repsol tower, which stands an imposing 250 above the ground, making it the tallest skyscraper in Spain and the third in all of Europe.

Standing tall alongside the Repsol tower are three other skyscrapers, all packed with offices with each hopefully providing job opportunities for newcomers to Madrid. If your talents lie more towards the entertainment industry or fancy working in a Spanish bar or restaurant, then you should be heading towards their exciting La Latina district of the city.

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Latina offers jobs opportunities in both fields, although a bit of door knocking may be required. The one district where opportunities abound to find work in Madrid has to be the famous Malasaña neighbourhood. Malasaña is really the historical town centre of Madrid, situated to the west of Chueca and to the east of Argüelles districts and a hive of activity and loads of job opportunities.

Hundreds of thousands of Madrid residents converge on the Malasaña neighbourhood on a daily basis, arriving at one of the several metro stations from all corners of the city. Malasaña will be a great place to find furnished apartments and studio to live in, and with all the opportunities to find employment there, you will certainly be living and working amongst the centre of the action in Madrid.

Among the areas where employment could be found is in Malasaña famous boutiques, the sidewalk bars and cafes or the bars, clubs that are a hive of activity well into the night. If all else fails, you can always turn a corner of that nice piece of real estate you’re renting into a mini office and open online business, if you have the talents that lie in that direction.

If your Spanish is proficient, for example, and can you speak one or a number of major languages, then you’ll always find work as a translator, or if you have graphic arts skills or any form of computer programming knowledge or any one of a number of other talents that would lend itself to working online, then you can really enjoy the free time that it will give you to really get to know Madrid.

Did you find work quickly when you moved to Madrid?

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