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What you need to know about sending or receiving mail in Madrid

Written by damien

Moving to a new country, even if it is such a pleasant and exciting one as Spain, still brings with it its share of traumas, with the whole experience of settling in being one of them. As anyone who has ever lived abroad will tell you one of the biggest challenges is getting used to the local mail services. Like anything else their tricks to learn and barriers to be huddled until a new arrival to Madrid will eventually become totally conversion and how to deal with Los Correos, which is what any Madrileños will tell you is the name for the Spanish mail system.

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So getting used to Los Correos should be one of the first priorities but no less than finding the right place to live. In order to receive mail you don’t need to have a permanent residence, you can make do with renting a mailbox until you get settled in in the city, at the local post office.

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Sending and receiving packages

It’s almost inevitable till you find your feet that your family and friends want to send you some packages from home to help you will overcome any initial homesickness problems, while you, in turn, will be wanting to send postcards and letters in return. In these days, thanks to emails, Facebook and wire transfers, the need for conventional mailing systems have diminished considerably, but it’s always nice to know that Spain’s postal system does exist and as they are to be used (if not wisely.)

Receiving parcels from abroad is always a very exciting experience. Make sure your family knows that everything should be well packed and all necessary customs declarations are filled in correctly. Delivery time for a parcel can take about 7 to 10 days. Items which are high-value or needed sooner would be better sent through UPS who seem to be very efficient when it comes to delivering any form of mail within Spain.

Advice for using the Spanish postal service

FedEx may be worth stealing clear of as they do not have local offices within the country, and the process can take just as long as the local Spanish services.

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Like any other country, Spain’s customs service can become quite suspicions about a parcel, and have the right to open it and search the contents. This can hold up the procedure completely and it could take 2 to 3 weeks before the parcel arrives and possibly not in the best of conditions. In any event anyone sending parcels or even letters that have any kind of value should make sure they are sent recorded delivery. It goes without saying that any form of currency should never be sent through the post, as well as anything that is fragile or breakable with UPS being the only option in this case.

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