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Great Meetup Groups to Join in Madrid

Written by Paula

For those who are not familiar with it, Meetup is a wonderful and diversified online platform where anyone can create a group and organize meetings where people get together to have fun, learn something, do activities, etc. Most of the groups offer free activities but some, usually classes, charge a certain amount for people to be able to join in. From ShMadrid, here are some great Meetup groups you can join in Madrid.

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Meet people through the arts

For lovers of music and theatre, there are specific options for activities where you can meet fellow lovers of the arts. If you want to experience a night of music in an intimate setting, discovering new talents, then Living Room Concerts is a good choice for you. This group meets from time to time to watch concerts by emerging artists, which are held in someone’s living room. Hence the name of the group. Since the artists that perform are people who are trying to make it in the music world, a contribution of a suggested 5€ is encouraged. There is also a fee to enter, which is 5€ as well. 

Do you like improvisation theater? Do you like to spend fun times with other people performing whacky and amusing activities? Then MAD Improv is here to help. Every Sunday there is a new MAD Improv meetup which is donation-based, with classes taught by professional actors. Through a variety of games and exercises, people will learn improvisational skills, meet new people and have a whole lot of fun!

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If you enjoy singing and always wanted to perfect your voice and develop your skills, then why not try a singing meetup? In these meetings at Fábrica de la Voz, students will learn about anatomy, how to care for their voices, breathing techniques, vocal techniques, and how to use microphones to enhance their performance. Prices are very accessible, at 13€ per 2-hour session, and 40€ for 4 sessions bought at once.

Make friends and bond

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If you are new to Madrid and you want to start meeting new people and developing a social circle, Madrid: Make New Friends can help you do just that. The group currently has close to 5.000 members, but don’t be alarmed because they don’t all come to the meetings at once. Every member can come and go when they please, not having to commit to attending a certain number of meetings to remain in the group. There’s also Gruppit, a meetup which offers singles the opportunity to meet while taking part in a variety of activities. Dance classes, after work drinks, badminton classes, cruises, theater nights, cultural routes, trips and excursions are only some of the way through which you can meet other single people or maybe even your better half.

If you like playing board games, then try one of the meetings by Gamers Multiculturales Madrid. The group is very open to new people, regardless of them coming only to one meeting or many. Language is also not an eliminating factor as usually the people who come can speak more than one language and will find a way to communicate. The gamers meet outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather. On the more business-oriented end, if you are an entrepreneur or are interested in joining the startup scene, then you would benefit a lot from joining Startup Grind MadridStartup Grind is actually a worldwide startup community that aims to connect entrepreneurs, educate and inspire. The meetings bring together innovators, investors and local founders, which gives you great opportunities to expand your network.

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There is also a great group for vegetarians or vegans who want to meet like-minded people while also trying some of the best food the city of Madrid has to offer, Vegetarian and Vegan Dinners in Madrid The members of this group meet from time to time to have a meal at a new vegan or vegetarian restaurant, sometimes going back to the places which they really enjoyed. The group is open to everyone, even people who are not vegan or vegetarian, and the members usually know how to speak at least two languages, like Spanish, English or French.

As you can see, there is a lot to choose from – and we haven’t even scratched the surface with this list! If you want to check out all of the available Meetups happening in Madrid, then visit the Meetup website and start exploring!

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